How To Build A Book Marketing Strategy - A. J. Sieling

How To Build A Book Marketing Strategy

By A. J. Sieling

  • Release Date: 2021-03-23
  • Genre: Marketing & Sales


You've published your first book. But you've only made one sale. (It was to your mom.) So you pop onto your favorite writing forum and ask, "How do ya'll market a book? I just published and can't seem to get anyone to buy it."

Two days later, you have eight thousand suggestions, from "update your book covers" to "pay for ads" to "offer a sacrifice to the wolf god on the night of the blood moon." There are endless options available, and the one piece of advice that keeps rearing its ugly head is this: "You should try it! ...but what works for me might not work for you."

So how do you choose where to spend your marketing time and money? With seemingly infinite options and zero guarantee that anything will work, how do you decide what to try and what to avoid, what to pay for and what to save for later?

In How To Build A Marketing Strategy, you will learn exactly what the title says: how to build a book marketing strategy. It will go over the various components of a strategy, how to harness your own skills and resources to market your books, and how to grow your marketing strategy as your author business grows--all while allowing you to remain flexible, and do this marketing thing your own way.

Don't flail around in the dark anymore--make a plan and follow through.