The Dare - Harley Laroux

The Dare

By Harley Laroux

  • Release Date: 2021-04-12
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
Score: 4.5
From 1,954 Ratings


Jessica Martin is not a nice girl. As Prom Queen and Captain of the cheer squad, she'd ruled her school mercilessly, looking down her nose at everyone she deemed unworthy. The most unworthy of them all? The "freak," Manson Reed: her favorite victim.
But a lot changes after high school.
A freak like him never should have ended up at the same Halloween party as her. He never should have been able to beat her at a game of Drink or Dare. He never should have been able to humiliate her in front of everyone. Losing the game means taking the dare: a dare to serve Manson for the entire night as his slave. It's a dare that Jessica's pride - and curiosity - won't allow her to refuse. What ensues is a dark game of pleasure and pain, fear and desire.
Is it only a game?
Only revenge?
Only a dare?
Or is it something more?

This dark erotic novella is written in First Person POV and is about 32k words in length.​​​​​​

This book contains intense fantasy scenes of hard kinks/edgeplay (including CNC play, knifeplay, humiliation and group play), graphic sex, and harsh language. The activities depicted in this book are not meant to be realistic depictions of BDSM or safe kink play, this is strictly a work of fiction. Scenes within this book may be triggering for some readers, please proceed with caution.


  • 5
    By SavGa120
    This may be one of the best short stories I have ever read. It is definitely not for the light hearted but I’d you want a good, intense book, this is for you! I love the story between the MC’s and the anticipation to see what’s going to happen next.
  • All I Can Say Is Wow

    By Kayybee18
    I Did Not Consider Myself a Book Worm but This Book Was Absolutely Amazing. & Now I Am Wearing the Title So Proudly. Although it was a Short Story it Was Soo Good. Harley Definitely Knew How to Build Up The Suspense . . Or Should I Say the Climax. I Will Def Read This One Again, Multiple Times Actually! . It Was HOT. DIRTY! & ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! When I Tell You The Room Got Hot. . You Better Believe it! This Description Doesnt Come Close to The Feeling It’ll Give You Throughout The Read Nor How It Leaves You Feeling. I Am Walking Away Wishing I Had My Own Manson At Home Waiting for Me.
  • ….

    By dmf f
    the level of spice is immaculate… just wow
  • wow wow wow wow

    By rdz13
    Definitely read this book
  • Great book!!!

    By heyshaymclean
    Sooooo good!!! Can’t wait for this second book!!
  • This read wasn’t my cup of tea..

    By AarikaM
    I gave this one a shot as I thought it was short enough and a good price. Finished in just a few hours. This book revolves around public embarrassment as the female MC loses a game of beer (dare) pong and has to be the male MC’s “slave” for the evening..and the dialogue between them honestly made me cringe (& not in a good way). I love spicy books but this one just didn’t do it for me.
  • OMG!

    By NoslandL
    Where does this man live and how do I get invited to one of his parties! If you are looking for spice - you have came to the right book! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • So so

    By mymommq
    Way 2 short but good over all .
  • Unexpectedly amazing!

    By Sheriiiffdddann
    So good! Honestly one of my favorite reads ever!
  • It was so crazy but so good 😫

    By Olivier_912
    It is way worth the money if you like really crazy smut then this book is for you I finished the book all in one day it was written pretty good the story to it was great as well