iPhone 12 Pro Max  User Guide - Kerry Linsfield

iPhone 12 Pro Max User Guide

By Kerry Linsfield

  • Release Date: 2021-04-29
  • Genre: Operating Systems


An Amazing, Simple, And Complete iPhone 12 Pro Max User Guide Every iPhone 12 Pro Max User Needs!

IF YOU HAVE RECENTLY THOUGHT OF THE BEST & BIGGEST iPHONE OF ALL TIME, it is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It is very powerful and has the most durable battery lifespan, including the A14 Bionic chip which has a new 3rd generation neural engine, making it the best among the iPhone devices Apple Incorporation has ever made.
The iPhone 12 Pro max has more muted colors and are decked out in premium looks, making almost everyone a fan of the metal rim shining around its edges, even though it consists of a real fingerprint magnet.
In comparison with the iPhone 11 Pro max, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is just a small amount bigger, while the screen size is being increased to about 6.7 inches, as a result of the shrinking of the bezels around the OLED display.
In this book, Kerry made the tips and tricks simplified for beginners, and pros, having the security of your data at heart, and with a view to laying emphasis on the basic twelve things you need to do in comprehensive and simple English as an iPhone 12 Pro Max user with pictures for proper understanding.
These are the preview of what you would learn First Important Things to Do on Your iPhone 12 Pro Max; How to Set Up Your iPhone 12 Pro Max; Moving from An Android Device to iPhone; Setting Up Your Cellular Data Plan with eSIM; Connecting Your iPhone to the Internet; Joining A Personal Hotspot; Connecting Your iPhone to Cellular Network; Managing Apple ID and iCloud Setting on your iPhone 12 Pro Max; How to Change Your Apple ID Settings; How to Use iCloud Storage Status; Taking A Screenshot or Screen Record on your iPhone; Creating A Screen Recording on Your iPhone; How to Change or Lock the Screen Orientation on Your iPhone; Turning On screen Items Reachability; How to Use Touch Accommodation; How to Turn off Off the 'Tap to Wake' Option;And so much more
Additional Value for this Book Performing Actions By Double and Triple-Tapping on your iPhone Changing the Sounds and Vibrations on Your iPhone How to Lock the Ringer & Alert Volumes Restricting the Volume of the Headphone Temporarily Silencing Incoming Alerts, Calls, and Notifications Using AirDrop to Send Items to Nearby Devices How to send An Item With AirDrop Mark Up Files & PhotosYou don't want to miss out on the valuable information contained in this book, kindly scroll up, click to get your copy of Kerry Linsfield's iPhone 12 Pro Max User Guide NOW!