Going There - Katie Couric

Going There

By Katie Couric

  • Release Date: 2021-10-26
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4
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This heartbreaking, hilarious, and brutally honest memoir shares the deeply personal life story of a girl next door and her transformation into a household name.

For more than forty years, Katie Couric has been an iconic presence in the media world. In her brutally honest, hilarious, heartbreaking memoir, she reveals what was going on behind the scenes of her sometimes tumultuous personal and professional life - a story she’s never shared, until now. Of the medium she loves, the one that made her a household name, she says, “Television can put you in a box; the flat-screen can flatten. On TV, you are larger than life but smaller, too. It is not the whole story, and it is not the whole me. This book is.”

Beginning in early childhood, Couric was inspired by her journalist father to pursue the career he loved but couldn’t afford to stay in. Balancing her vivacious, outgoing personality with her desire to be taken seriously, she overcame every obstacle in her way: insecurity, an eating disorder, being typecast, sexism . . . challenges, and how she dealt with them, setting the tone for the rest of her career. Couric talks candidly about adjusting to sudden fame after her astonishing rise to co-anchor of the TODAY show, and guides us through the most momentous events and news stories of the era, to which she had a front-row seat:  Rodney King, Anita Hill, Columbine, the death of Princess Diana, 9/11, the Iraq War . . . In every instance, she relentlessly pursued the facts, ruffling more than a few feathers along the way.  She also recalls in vivid and sometimes lurid detail the intense pressure on female anchors to snag the latest “get”—often sensational tabloid stories like Jon Benet Ramsey, Tonya Harding, and OJ Simpson.

Couric’s position as one of the leading lights of her profession was  shadowed by the shock and trauma of losing her husband to stage 4 colon cancer when he was just 42, leaving her a widow and single mom to two daughters, 6 and 2. The death of her sister Emily, just three years later, brought yet more trauma—and an unwavering commitment to cancer awareness and research, one of her proudest accomplishments.

 Couric is unsparing in the details of her historic move to the anchor chair at the CBS Evening News—a world rife with sexism and misogyny.  Her “welcome” was even more hostile at 60 Minutes, an unrepentant boys club that engaged in outright hazing of even the most established women.  In the wake of the MeToo movement, Couric shares her clear-eyed reckoning with gender inequality and predatory behavior in the workplace, and downfall of Matt Lauer—a colleague she had trusted and respected for more than a decade.

Couric also talks about the challenge of finding love again, with all the hilarity, false-starts, and drama that search entailed, before finding her midlife Mr. Right.  Something she has never discussed publicly—why her second marriage almost didn’t happen. 

If you thought you knew Katie Couric, think again. Going There is the fast-paced, emotional, riveting story of a thoroughly modern woman, whose journey took her from humble origins to superstardom. In these pages, you will find a friend, a confidante, a role model, a survivor whose lessons about life will enrich your own.


  • Interesting and enjoyable read

    By SM from TX
    I thoroughly enjoyed Katie’s book. Her sincerity and openness came shining through on every page and I couldn’t put it down. Thank you for sharing your story Katie and for all your contributions over the years.
  • Going There

    By ptriggy
    Hypocrite. I enjoyed the first half but you ruined it. I’m sorry that actually paid for it. You don’t deserve to reap a benefit from such a bias point of view. I absolutely thought you were better than that. My sisters were right. Katherine, you are a racist. Yup I said it. Be better about what you think is being on the left, because you really don’t have a clue. Accept everyone, you only accept the ones you hand pick. Shame on you.
  • I believe you!

    By Manange Subsctiptions
    Your story is so honest and candid. I understand how you were unaware of ML’s horrific behavior. After reading your book I believe you were unaware. I loved hearing things from your point of view. Thanks for going there…
  • Not a great book, not a great person

    By CAROL1012879
    I was very surprised at what I learned during this slow moving, self promoting book. Katie Couric is not a very nice person! This book is all about how great she is, how rich she is, how fabulous her houses and children are, etc. Because of how self-obsessed she is, she did not even notice BOTH her first and second husband becoming so sick, skeletal in fact, until they were both on their death beds. Her first husband did die, and the second recovered. This whole book and its author were very disappointing.
  • Worth reading for sure!

    By lamae_19
    Very interesting read. Thoroughly enjoyed it. A first hand look into journalism and the struggles of being a mom, wife and journalist and all the baggage that comes with.
  • Engaging and Enlightening

    By Great Day to Play
    A quick read but powerfully revealing. Katie is truly a revolutionary. I haven't watched any local newscast, national morning news or 60 Minutes broadcast the same since reading Going There. She's truly the voice of justice through her beliefs and work as an ethical and humanistic journalist. O
  • Great read!

    By John In Wilmington, NC
    Authentic and real, providing an inside look.
  • Going There

    By Readingbythesea
    Interesting stories, I admire Katie she’s strong has done a lot, seen a lot, and had to share one of her most difficult times in her life with grace and confidence. For those who think her ego got in the way of her stories, ask yourself how your story will sound.
  • Awesome

    By howardbaldwinjr
    Unbelievable book! Loved it. I was very skeptical at first but as I read and read more I have a profound respect for this lady
  • Line of Sight

    By sueF999
    While full of fun facts, Joy, and Loss, at times it is hard to believe she did not see some things. She has very strong blinders against any threatening facts: sickness of husband and fiancé, all the Matt Laurer problems, etc.