The Farthest Star - A.R. Knight

The Farthest Star

By A.R. Knight

  • Release Date: 2020-09-22
  • Genre: Science Fiction
Score: 3.5
From 247 Ratings


In the far future, a dormant android awakes on a vast starship to find humanity's last hopes rest with him. Launched to carry the human species across the galaxy, Starship's generations-long journey has crumbled as machines took everything from their human creators, including life itself. Given a mission by humanity's last digital remnants, Gamma must traverse Starship's vast, dangerous bulk in search of a way to preserve Starship's original purpose. Yet Gamma isn't the only intelligent machine on Starship, and some want a very different end as the spacecraft approaches its final destination. As he confronts the mechs that've claimed Starship as their own, the key to Gamma's survival will come not only from his metal fists, but from figuring out why Starship's humans fell in the first place. A far-future science fiction action adventure that blends the real and virtual worlds, The Farthest Star kicks off a series that will have you wondering whether what makes us human comes from our biology, or our beliefs.


  • 5 stars, easily one of the best sci fi stories

    By bleahy4994
    Incredible series. Had me on the edge of my seat from the first chapter of book 1. I feel like i could write a cinematic screenplay myself - with the level of detail that went into this. Full immersion at its best. I only wish there were more to read about Gamma’s adventures on Planet X
  • Noice

    By almighty bob
  • Follow the main character through endless empty halls

    By educatedmushroom
    The descriptive power is lacking, making this such a bore to read. If you check out what they rest of the series has to offer it’s just the same three plots. I had hopes for this one. It might have been good if it was not a series and more of a one off. There is a reason the final book as no reviews <3
  • Enjoyable read

    By Munrot
    This well thought out story has interesting character development as you learn the backstory of the Starship. The main character, Gamma, is funny and draws in the reader.
  • The farthest star

    By Idon'tlikenicknames01
    I really enjoyed the blend of action and philosophical issues. Main character is endearing. Overall a solid book.