The Man in the Arena - Eddie Gallagher, Andrea Gallagher & Andy Symonds

The Man in the Arena

By Eddie Gallagher, Andrea Gallagher & Andy Symonds

  • Release Date: 2021-06-29
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4
From 143 Ratings


The curtain is lifted on one of the most notorious war crime trials in our nation's history.

Nothing is omitted in this brash, aggressive, behind-the-scenes look at the mutiny that almost put away a decorated Navy SEAL for life.

"People always tell me, if our life was a movie, no one would believe it." --Andrea Gallagher


  • Great book

    By Zerith19
    This is a great book, tell as it is.
  • USA government out of control

    By steve r washburn
    NCIS is a pathetic agency. Heads should have rolled a agents jailed. Top navel officers should be dishonestly discharged, Anyone who was involved in this fraud and conspiracy should be accountable. Thank you Gallagher for setting the record straight. Steve R. Washburn.
  • Absolutely Crushed It!

    By Coloradomulegirl
    Eddie Gallagher tells his experience of being arrested and charged with war crimes. Unbelievable how our country spends what, over a million dollars training each Navy Seals to be the ultimate Warrior and to see this “sewing circle” group lie over and over to bring a seasoned Warfighter down is pathetic, embarrassing and disgusting. Loved this book. Would have liked the layout to have been different due to back and forth between combat and court. Closing arguments of the defense was riveting. Totally enjoyed the non sensor of language. Eddie gave a glimpse into the dark side of war and what is expected of a Warfighter. Too bad the “sewing circle boys” didn’t have sense to RING THE BELL! Forever grateful for Navy Seal Chief Gallagher’s service!
  • Good read

    By Sgt Banks
    Good and easy read, hard time putting it down. Lost respect for the Navy and Seals. As our country heads towards more liberal socialist government and leaders are becoming wimps, cry babies with hurt feelings, it appears our military is following in the same path. What was missing in this book was what if anything happened to the lying and sniveling so called men. Thank God for certain members of Congress and President Trump that are not afraid to call a spade a spade. Think a lot of people should be relieved of duty, fired and or indicted .
  • A True hero Vindicated

    By Patriot_7
    A great account of the evil corruption that has metastasized in the Navy command structure. The book has links to the testimonies. The lies and evasiveness of the Navy’s witnesses are obvious. Those misguided souls who bought into the government’s lies either didn’t read the book, didn’t watch the testimonies, or are completely lobotomized by their hatred for America’s fighting men and President Trump.
  • Haters in the comment section

    By Long live the brotherhood
    Good for those heading to the Teams.
  • Pathetic

    By J.R.V.
    A garbage inhuman being that belongs in solitary the rest of his life. Karma
  • War criminal

    By Outdoor Rec Shopper
    He is a disgraced and evil man
  • She’s right…

    By cdarwin
    No one does believe it. He’d be in prison still but not for Trump. This should be sold as fiction. I don’t think he or she wrote this book.