Honey Grove Volume Two - Anne-Marie Meyer

Honey Grove Volume Two

By Anne-Marie Meyer

  • Release Date: 2021-06-01
  • Genre: Family


The last two books in the Braxton Brother's Series + Bonus Novella

Friendship Blooms in Honey Grove

Jonathan is back home in Honey Grove. He's ready to forget the stresses of his job and the fact that everyone around him is finding love, except him.

Tiffany can't seem to hold onto any relationship. Thankfully, Jonathan is the only constant guy in her life and someone she never has to worry about losing.

Now dateless for her cousin's wedding, it only makes sense to go with someone safe—Jonathan.

A fake relationship between the two of them started out as a way to keep themselves protected…until the feelings between them begin to feel real.

♥ Christmas in Honey Grove

Jenna is home for Christmas and she's just trying to survive her mom's insistence that she get married, and her feelings for Dean that haven't really disappeared. Showing up with her new fling seems like the best way of avoiding both of them.

Dean can't seem to move on past Jenna. Even though all the people he knows and loves want to see him married, he can't help but hope that he and Jenna made a mistake. That perhaps, she feels the same way. 

He didn't expect her to show up with a guy on her arm. 

Both Jenna and Dean are determined to move on from the kiss that haunts them both. If they tried harder, maybe their hearts wouldn't hurt like they do. 

Christmas time is a magical time, but does it hold enough power to mend their broken hearts?

♥ BONUS NOVELLA: Her Second Chance

Zach "The Stud" Stedman has it all. As an Offensive Lineman for the Georgia Patriots, life couldn't get any better.
Until Danielle returns.
Danielle is just trying to survive. As a single, working mom, she's put her past behind her and is trying to do what's best for her son.
Reuniting with Zach was not part of her plan.
If only Zach wasn't so nice. If only she were stronger. If only he wasn't the exact thing that's been missing in her life, then keeping a secret from him wouldn't be so hard.

PLUS, Jonathan Braxton, from the Braxton Brother's series makes an appearance in this book as Zach's best friend.


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