Miraculous: Superhero Origins - Christy Webster

Miraculous: Superhero Origins

By Christy Webster

  • Release Date: 2022-09-27
  • Genre: Chapter Books


This full-color illustrated chapter book tells the origin of how Marinette and Adrien became the spectacular superheroes known as Ladybug and Cat Noir! Based on Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, as seen on Disney! It's the first day of school! Marinette, a clumsy but sweet girl, is dreading going back to class and seeing the girl who bullies her. Meanwhile, Adrien, a famous model, wishes he could go to school like every other teenager, but his overprotective father refuses to let him! When the two receive mysterious Miraculouses, magical jewels that give them super powers, it turns their worlds upside down. Adrien is thrilled to transform into Cat Noir and get the freedom he craves, but Marinette struggles with becoming Ladybug--she lacks confidence and doesn't feel worthy of her powers. Can the two learn to work as a team when supervillain Hawk Moth sends a rock-solid foe named Stone Heart steal their Miraculouses and destroy Paris? Miraculous(TM) is a trademark of ZAG(TM) - Method(TM).© 2022 ZAGTOON(TM) - METHOD ANIMATION(TM) - TOEI ANIMATION - SAMG - SK BROADBAND - AB INTERNATIONAL - DE AGOSTINI EDITORE S.p.A. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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