Baden - Sawyer Bennett


By Sawyer Bennett

  • Release Date: 2022-01-11
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4
From 724 Ratings


After suffering a horrific injury that threatens to end his career, Baden Oulett is about to learn that sometimes a fresh start is just what the doctor ordered.

I worked my whole life to achieve one goal—play professional hockey. As part of the defending Cup champion Arizona Vengeance, I was living my dream until one split second decision destroyed it all. Instead of lacing up my skates and hitting the ice, I’ve spent my days in rehab and physical therapy just so I could walk again. When a coaching opportunity with the Pittsburgh Titans is presented to me, I find myself with a career I had never considered but which allows me to continue being part of the sport that I love.

While my injuries are physical, the same can’t be said for the woman I rescued. Suffering from wounds that can’t be seen, Sophie Winters has withdrawn from the world in fear and guilt. I didn’t know Sophie before that fateful night and have only met her once since, but I refuse to let her face her demons alone. Determined to be a friend, I support Sophie in the only way I know how… by simply being there.

Through our shared trauma, Sophie and I begin to find peace within one another. As we grow closer, what started as friendship becomes more intimate until our broken pieces become one. But can a love born of anguish endure, or will the pain of our past prove too much to overcome?


  • Baden

    By next review
    I enjoyed the book until I got to the end that did not end! I hate books and authors who leave you hanging at the end in order to sell more books! So, although I’d like to know the ending I won’t be buying the series!
  • Powerful!

    By KateW65
    I absolutely loved Baden’s story and glad to see a positive outcome from not knowing if he was ever going to walk. The bonus is he found love with the woman he saved.
  • Loved Baden’ he did not disappoint.

    By Ashel05
    Oh my goodness!!!! All the things. All the feelings. All the heart strings. This book is soooo good! I have loved Baden since the vengeance when he defended a stranger being attacked! He has recovered and has been offered a new opportunity in Pittsburgh. He decides to look up and check on the girl he saved, Sophie. What ensues is perfection. Fabulous plot. Excellent writing. Emotions. Yesss. Lovable and relatable characters. I loved this! Best of 2022 shelf for sure!!
  • Love Baden but Sophie…

    By Magoo0326
    Arizona Vengeance is an INCREDIBLE series. The characters are relatable and draws you into the story. By the end, you feel like you’re part of the family. I highly encourage to read that series before this book. Sadly, I’m disappointed in Baden. His character is inspiring, but I’m not a fan of Sophie. Some of her actions contradicted her fears and it was a bit tacky.
  • Nope!

    By cadyf00
    I love Sawyer Bennett and all her books. This is the first of her books I was truly disappointed in. I’m not sure I even care about the rest of the series. This does not follow the typical Sawyer Bennet pattern. I want my $5.99 back.
  • Great read

    By tree7404
    I absolutely loved this story of Baden and Sophie. It is so true and heartwarming to see them both become whole again and fall in love at the same time. This is a great beginning of another great series by Sawyer Bennett. I could jot put this down. Now I can’t wait for like three or four other books I this series because they all seem to my next favorite. I highly recommend getting to know the new rebuilt titans.
  • Great Read

    By AshleyHedden
    Baden (Pittsburgh Titans #1) was a great read by Sawyer Bennett. Baden Oulett suffers a horrific injury that threatens to end his hockey career. He is a part of the defending cup champion, Arizona Vengeance, and is living out his dream. After one split decision destroyed everything, he is spending his days in rehab and physical therapy in order to walk again. He is presented with the opportunity to coach the Pittsburgh Titans. He suffered physical injuries when he rescued Sophie Winters, and hers are wounds that can’t be seen. It has lead her to become withdrawn from the world due to fear and guilt. He is determined to be Sophie’s friend and not let her face her demons alone.
  • Baden

    By Suzette23
    Just an OK book. There’s very little chemistry between Baden and Sophie. She’s very hard to like, not much there. This book needs a lot more work. There’s not much to it.
  • Happy for Baden’s story!

    By ShanCol19
    Good narration by both narrators! Enjoyed that there was a female and male narrator; each fit the characters well, and they have nice tones to their voices. Enjoyed the listen! I’ve been anticipating Baden’s story for awhile now, so I was excited that Baden’s story was finally here! After reading about what happened to Baden in the Arizona Vengeance series; he saved a woman from being brutally attacked, only to be brutally attacked himself, I wanted to read about Baden getting his happiness! After the Pittsburgh Titans hockey team has the majority of its team killed in an accident, Baden is offered an opportunity to be the goalie coach for the Titans, who are trying to bring together a new team. Pittsburgh just so happens to be where the woman he saved, Sophie, lives, so these two have the opportunity to get to know each other better. Sophie has some serious PTSD after the incident; she has trouble leaving her house and feeling safe, and it’s affecting her life. Luckily, Baden is really there for Sophie. Love the premise of Baden finding a new way of life, and the idea of falling in love with the woman he saved. Baden is a wonderful guy! Sophie has a sweet heart. I would’ve liked a bit more passion between them; a very slow burn going on in this story, but I enjoyed reading about them falling love. I also really enjoy the premise of trying to bring the hockey franchise back to life after the devastation they’ve suffered. I’m not totally loving some of the elements for the characters that will have their own books in this series, but I am interested in reading about the female owner, who knows little about hockey, but now runs the hockey team after her brother was one of the ones that died in the accident. Overall though, I’m excited to see how this series progresses!
  • Worth the wait

    By charlligirl
    We have been waiting for Baden's book ever since he was attacked for being a good Samaritan. So much has happened since that fateful day. Baden has moved on and is starting a new life. Sophie, the woman he saved, has not. Will Baden be able to pull her out of her funk? Sophie is suffering from PTSD after the attack that happened seven months ago. She can't leave her house. She's scared of the shadows. When Baden shows up at her door and starts pushing her out of her comfort zone, she has no choice but to confront her fears. Will she be able to ever live a normal life again? This is the first book in the Pittsburgh Titans. The subject matter is tough. It is a more emotional story that Ms Bennett's previous hockey series. I'm hoping we get more stories that are emotionally tough, gritty and tackle different social stigma storylines. As for narration, Aiden Snow is my ultimate favorite narrator. That voice is just so enthralling. He has the gruffness and compassion needed for this storyline. Excellent casting. Lessa Lamb (not sure about spelling) is new to me. She had a young, energetic, happy voice. She worked well for Sophie and paired well with Aiden