Ten Spiritual Secrets of Dead People: Understanding Ghosts, Spirits, Lost Souls, and How They Can Affect You - James Goi Jr.

Ten Spiritual Secrets of Dead People: Understanding Ghosts, Spirits, Lost Souls, and How They Can Affect You

By James Goi Jr.

  • Release Date: 2021-06-11
  • Genre: Spirituality
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You may not have known a lot about dead people before now, but that is about to change!

Have you ever seen a ghost? Have you ever had contact with deceased family members or other dead people, either on your own or with the assistance of a medium? Have you ever felt as if someone or something was watching you, but not been able to understand the origin and cause of that feeling? Have you ever wondered what happens to human beings when they die?

Well, then, you are in for a treat. The subject of dead people has been the cause of much confusion to human beings for as long as they have been on the planet. And there is no shortage of theories regarding what happens to people when they die. In this revealing little book, you will learn ten of the most important facts about dead people--facts you will want to know.

Table of Contents:
Secret One......: They’re Not Dead
Secret Two......: They’re Still the Same
Secret Three....: They Don’t Know They’re Dead
Secret Four.....: They’re Everywhere
Secret Five.....: They’re Watching You
Secret Six......: They’re Following You
Secret Seven....: They’re Influencing You
Secret Eight....: They’re Just a Thought Away
Secret Nine.....: Some of Them Are Back
Secret Ten......: Some of Them Are Free

From the book:
"Understand that thought and emotion are powerful forces, and that they are transferred between both living and dead people. Among the living, a big part of the transference of thought and emotion is through audible or written words. Between the dead and the living there may be no audible or written words (though there can be), but the thoughts and emotions are transferred just the same.
"And in the case of the thoughts and emotions of dead people affecting living people, the living people seldom know it is happening. Thus, they most often mistake the thoughts and emotions they are experiencing as being their own. The thoughts and emotions of dead people can and do affect us living people."


  • Amazing

    By coxo89
    Amazing book. I have always felt and knew these things. Loved the book and on point. Wish everyone would take a moment, stop what they’re doing and get intuned. They are indeed all around us ✨✨✨