Spiritual Power Demystified: A Guide to Claiming Your Divine Birthright - James Goi Jr.

Spiritual Power Demystified: A Guide to Claiming Your Divine Birthright

By James Goi Jr.

  • Release Date: 2021-06-11
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Score: 5
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If you are a fan of metaphysics, quantum physics, mind power, spirituality and spiritual growth, self-help, human potential, personal development, motivation, and the Law of Attraction, then you will love this book.

Have you ever contemplated what spiritual power is? Has it been a mystery to you? Well, no more! Spiritual power is perhaps one of the most neglected and misunderstood concepts in the study of metaphysics and spirituality. After all, when is the last time you heard someone try to explain spiritual power in depth? And when is the last time you thought at length about the subject?

Spiritual power is a mysterious concept to almost everyone, including most who make a lifetime endeavor of growing spiritually. The subject is habitually overlooked. This seems odd since the very foundation of all creation is spiritual power. It's everywhere all the time, in the background, and so people don't think about it. And when they do think about it, it seems like a big mystery. But it no longer needs to be. Read this book, and the mystery will be solved.

Table of Contents:
1. What Spiritual Power Is
2. Where It Comes From
3. What It’s Used For
4. How to Obtain It
5. Becoming One with It
6. How to Develop It
7. How to Govern It
8. How to Refine It
9. How to Keep It
10. Why You Need It
11. In the Trenches
12. Spiritual Guidance
13. Spiritual Protection
14. Use What You Know

From the book:
"Spiritual power is you. You are spiritual power. To get to the point where you can use spiritual power in supernatural and indeed superhuman ways so that you can transform your life for the better and into something more to your liking, you must first realize your oneness with the spiritual power you would obtain and make use of. And to realize your oneness with that spiritual power, you need only realize your oneness with yourself. This is not an oversimplification of the process of becoming one with your spiritual power, but it is indeed a simpli-fication of it."