The Choice - Sara Hubbard

The Choice

By Sara Hubbard

  • Release Date: 2021-09-30
  • Genre: New Adult


After leaving Max, a well-connected criminal, Luna is questioned by the police about her disappearance. She lies to protect him and becomes the girl who cried wolf. Stigmatized, her life begins to unravel, and her connection to Max becomes front page news. She’s determined to salvage her old life, but that proves so much harder when a hitman shows up to kill her. When she calls for help, there’s only one person she wants. The only person who can truly protect her.
Max has a new career path and new ambitions, but he can’t get his mind off of the girl who left him—twice. When their connection becomes public, he tries to pull her back into his life so he can protect her, but she resists. It’s only when her situation is dire that she finally reaches out to him. Now that she’s back in his life he’s determined to protect her and keep her—no matter the cost. Little does he know how steep the price will be.