Something Like Love - Claudia Burgoa

Something Like Love

By Claudia Burgoa

  • Release Date: 2022-04-12
  • Genre: Romantic Comedies
Score: 4.5
From 47 Ratings


We have to pretend that what we have is something like love… USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa pens a fun and sexy romantic comedy where playing pretend turns to playing for keeps… I’m down on my luck. Scratch that. This is the worst week of my life. Enter the last person I want to deal with: Burke St. James. He’s wealthy. He’s a womanizer. And a big liar. And it turns out we need each other. Burke needs a fiancée to seal the deal of a lifetime. I need help or my business is going belly-up. So, Burke very non-romantically asks me to marry him. Well, he asks me to be fake engaged to him, anyway. I’ll attend a few dinners, pretend I’m in love, and meet the family. In exchange, he’ll invest in my company and help me launch it off the ground. All is easy, except his kisses feel more real than they should. And the sex…damn, we’re not supposed to have sex. It’s all for show…right? Did I mention he’s a really good liar? Pretending not to fall in love is more complicated than I thought.


  • So so good

    By Grinandstampit
    I can’t get enough of this family. Absolutely love these books about the St James.
  • Scam and scammed

    By LisanneH
    Scam and scammed. Choke and Burke team up to run a mutually beneficial scam after being majorly scammed by Maddox. Not sure why they both fell for Maddox’s scans and lies, but they do, leading to them scamming a fake engagement. Recommend.
  • So much angst

    By Laura__F
    These St. James’ are probably going to kill me. CB is the queen of angst but this series already feels like next level. Burke is quiet, a little broody, funny, and super romantic. Chloe is like the pinnacle of strength and was one of the most thoughtful people. These two are the perfect pair. They both help others, at times to their own detriment, and they both are passionate about what they do. I was obsessed with them from beginning to end but also am really really excited to see what happens for the rest of the St. James family.
  • Excellent Fake Engagement Romance

    By Yoli277
    Every since I read Zach St. James’s book, Until Next Time, I fell hard for the St. James family. And now it’s Zach’s twin brother, Burke St. James’s turn to find love. Something Like Love (Against All Odds:The St. James Family #2) is a snarky and wonderful enemies to lovers rom com that’s definitely worth reading. Burke St. James is a smooth talking, sexy billionaire playboy that Chloe Lafferty loves to hate. At first, they have a meet cute, flirtatious encounter which has promise. Chloe is a chef who’s dream of owning a catering business is derailed when she gets screwed over courtesy of her friend or who she thought was her friend, Maddox. It just so happens that she met Maddox through Burke and as it turns out, he’s not loyal to either one of them. Clearly there’s bad blood and misunderstandings between Burke and Chloe however, when an offer for Burke to invest in her company presents itself, she’s hesitant considering she has to pretend to be his fiancée. Burke feels like this is a win for him by killing two birds with one stone and closing a business deal and wooing and romancing Chloe at the same time. What could go wrong? Both of them were oh so charming, I adored every bit of their push and pull and delightful romance. And what’s even better, there are secondary characters from Claudia Burgoa’s previous books who make appearances, she teases us with what’s to come and I’m here for all of it. Something Like Love is a sweet and heartfelt must read.
  • Something New

    By Slimleak
    Burke is a wealthy and a playboy. Chloe was down on her luck she was living with this guy who sold the place without her knowing it He took her furniture . She cooks and she invested in the kitchen. .All gone. Burke has a proposition for Chloe since he was swindled by the same horrible person. This is a fake girlfriend for Burke and he will provide for Chloe . Burke was not use to relationship so this was something new . He was very sweet with her . They were opposite each other but had a chemistry out the charts . The story is funny and moves. I loved Burke he so kind to Chloe
  • Burke ❤️

    By Cheryl33610
    I loved Burke St. James before I even opened his book. He was the character in his twin brother Zach’s book that I was most looking forward to. So, even as he was a communication nightmare, I really wanted him to have a wonderful match. When he first meets Chloe, they bantered and made a real connection, and I was all in with them both. But we fast forward to Chloe hating Burke, he having no idea why…as he still pines for her…and them both being conned by a “friend” and roommate. Chloe loses everything, Burke is determined to help, she’s very reluctant to accept help and there’s a lot of push/pull between them. Burke I loved. Even though he wasn’t the greatest at talking about emotions, because he doesn’t believe in love for himself, he shows his feelings in actions. Chloe was a tougher nut to crack, and to like. I felt bad for her, obviously, but I also at times rolled my eyes at her gullibility. She took everything Maddox had to say as gospel, even though she had met him the same day she met Burke! And she was at times so unnecessarily stubborn. I also didn’t love the St. James family in this one. I mean, the parents are banana-cakes, but I was disappointed with Burke’s siblings. Some things were left unanswered as the plot sped up towards the end, too. Regardless, I loved that Burke got his HEA, because he found the woman for him. Let’s see who meets their match next.
  • Chloe and Burke

    By Srosenthal
    This was a second chance at romance story but also a hate turns to love sort of romance and they also enter into a fake romance. It is part of a series and is book 2, but it easily stands alone. I did not read the first book and I never felt like I missed anything by not reading the first book. This was a really awesome story and I absolutely adored both leads in this story, Burke St. James and Chloe Rafferty. They had some awesome chemistry, he is anti romance and love and Chloe wants love and romance. It was a really fun story watching these very opposite people discover who the other was, as they both had been lied to by their friend, Maddox, and fall for each other. To some degree it was an insta love story but Maddox got in the way of that and so they each had wrong illusions about each other until they are forced to live with each other and become a team in order to save each others livelihood. I received a complimentary early release copy of this e-book from the author prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review.