Searching for Elsie - Susan Stoker

Searching for Elsie

By Susan Stoker

  • Release Date: 2022-06-28
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 194 Ratings


Once upon a time, Elsie Ireland thought she’d found the man of her dreams, only to learn her fairytale romance was just another cautionary tale. Beyond a perfect family image, her husband had little interest in Elsie, and even less in their son. Years later, she and nine-year-old Tony have landed in Fallport, Virginia. She’s working two jobs and living in a motel, but Tony has a roof over his head and plenty of love. For Elsie, however, love isn’t in the cards. She doesn’t have the time to spare…or the trust.

After serving his country as a Green Beret, Zeke Calhoun was happy to get out of the military and settle into small-town life as a bar owner. His position with Eagle Point Search and Rescue fulfills his need to serve and provides some of the best friends he’s ever known. He didn’t realize anything was missing until it was right under his nose every day—his sweet, shy waitress, Elsie.

It isn’t easy to convince the independent, gun-shy single mom to let him in, and with memories of his own disastrous marriage still plaguing him, Zeke isn’t fully certain he’s the best bet for a healthy relationship. But one stolen kiss in a heightened moment, and he’s a goner. Vowing that Elsie and Tony’s lives are about to change for the better, Zeke is up for the challenge of proving not all men are like her ex.

A task made significantly more difficult when a complication throws the couple’s fledgling relationship off course—then quickly spirals into a life-or-death situation no one saw coming.

** Searching for Elsie is the second book in the Eagle Point Search & Rescue Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.


  • A fascinating book with intriguing characters.

    By ReMpO97
    Elsie was working hard to provide a normal life for her son. In the mornings, she helps clean the motel where she lives, and in the evenings, she works in the bar with Zeke. Her body was at its limit and she got sick. When Zeke hears Elsie won’t be coming to work, he rushes to check on her. Burning with fever and barely able to raise her head, he takes her to his house to take care of her. He was taking things slowly, but seeing her like this made him realise he shouldn’t. Elsie and her son can trust him now and they have his team at their backs, too. They will never suffer alone again. The moment an ex comes back, things get tense, but having people they trust by their side will save them.  This is the second book in Susan Stoker’s Eagle Point Search & Rescue series. It’s a small town romance suspense with friends-to-lovers, a single mom, a co-worker romance, a former military hero, and strong friendships. It has some triggering themes like kidnapping and violence. This book reminded me of Rescuing Emily with it being a single mother romance, too. Tony is also super smart, like Annie and close to her age when we first meet her. Both books feature an Alpha hero protector.😉Yet that's when the similarities end and the book proves to be unlike any other by Susan Stoker. I love that about her books. Each shows different problems and characters with distinctive personalities. I loved reading about Tony’s time with the guys. Loved how Zeke treated both mother and son with love and respect. It was a fascinating book with intriguing characters. I’m eager to read the rest of this series. It’s nearly impossible to find anything to hate about this book. Everything about it makes you read forward. This series differs from all the military romances Susan Stoker wrote, but it still has that military element to it. It’s a small-town story where everyone knows everyone and they all gather to protect their people. I had a great time reading it.
  • This is Zeke’s Story

    By Doingthisforcoinsssssdzzzzz
    Zeke Calhoun has sworn off women ever since his ex-wife betrayed him on so many fronts. And then Elsie Ireland and her adorable son Tony come into town, and he makes himself their protector. Elsie took her child and left a verbally and emotionally abusive husband with almost nothing. Slowly but surely she’s built a life for them all on her own. And slowly but surely, Zeke takes down the protective walls that she’s built up. So much more happens that make this a great read!