Ultimates By Al Ewing - Al Ewing

Ultimates By Al Ewing

By Al Ewing

  • Release Date: 2021-06-23
  • Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels


Collects Ultimates (2015) #1-12; Ultimates 2 (2016) #1-9, 100; material from Avengers (2015) #0. Black Panther! Captain Marvel! Ms. America! Spectrum! Blue Marvel! Together, they form the ultimate super-team, finding and fixing problems beyond the limits of the infinite! From cosmic forces lurking on Earth to whatever waits beyond the Omniverse, the Ultimates start with the impossible — and take it from there! Their first task: ending the planet-eating threat of Galactus…forever! But space-time is broken — and to solve that, the Ultimates can’t just think within the box. They need to go outside reality! But when they learn Eternity itself has been chained, the team discovers a threat far larger and older than everything that exists! Can the Ultimates rise to the ultimate challenge and save the very concept of reality from being absorbed and rewritten?