Ashes - Chelle Bliss


By Chelle Bliss

  • Release Date: 2022-01-04
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 320 Ratings


Dylan Walsh left his small town behind and vowed to never return. But when his brother needs help, Dylan steps back into the memories he tried so hard to forget. He thought there was nothing there for him anymore until a woman he knew as a little girl catches more than Dylan’s eye.
Rosie Gallo is known for her kind spirit, good-girl vibes, and her loyalty to the ones she loves. She’s spent her entire life avoiding the Walshes, knowing her father’s distaste for the family. But when Rosie’s ditched during a disastrous date, it’s a Walsh who puts a smile back on her face.
The attraction is easy, but the complications are many.
Can Dylan prove that he is more than his troubled past? Or is he as bad as the good girl next door always believed him to be?
Ashes is the ninth full-length standalone novel in the Men of Inked Heatwave series by Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss. Ashes is a forbidden, age gap, small town romance featuring a hot biker and a wild ride.
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  • Ashes…

    By Janice F.
    This one is hot…deep…a lot of back and forth…which is great…and brings a blush to ones face in certain spots…and a flush…the Gallos never fail to entertain and inspire one with their ways..,and Rosie and Dylan are a perfect match
  • It’s still epic !!!!

    By Z's faithfully fierce lover
    Bliss like her last name that’s all you feel after reading her books. Dylan and Ros story is another installment of the Gallo family it’s been and continues to be a epic ride I’d love to see a spin of of Walsh boys !!!!
  • Same book different characters

    By DevinLauren
    I was super excited for this series and have read all of this authors books. This book picked up well and I got interested but the main female begins to grow irritating. She clearly had men falling for her and interested but is extremely insecure and starts comparing herself to her sister after a few chapters. It’s confusing because she starts off as confident in the introduction. I think the author ended up changing the personality of Rosie quarter way through. Dylan is one of the characters in this series that held my interest. I like his attitude and she made him extremely caring. I trying to just skim over Rosie’s pity parties on some pages but other than that it’s a fine read.
  • Amazing Forbidden Romance

    By threers
    I finished Ashes last night. OMG!! Chelle Bliss is a goddess with a laptop. I cannot move on. This story was so touching, so beautiful. When this review is done I going to read it again and maybe again after that. I need the author's talent for writing. I am struggling to put in to words why Ashes was so fantastic without spoilers. Dylan Walsh has risen from the ashes. He grew up with an abusive father. He was surrounded by those that judged him for his father's actions. When he left home at 18; his six brothers turned on him. When his brother, Ian, calls him home, after more than fifteen years, it is his chance to be reborn, to be accepted, as he saves his brother. A night at a bar visiting Ian, Dylan finds himself saving a damsel in distress. Dylan meets up with his old neighbor, Rosie Gallo. Years have passed and they have been very good to her. Rosie is no longer the little girl that played in the yard next door. She is a beautiful woman. The connection is strong, but denial is stronger. Yet, Dylan always seems to be there when Rosie needs him. Dylan and Rosie's story made for great entertainment. She is the forbidden fruit. Or is it that he is forbidden? When you add in the rest of the Gallos; hold on to your hat for it is going to be a wild ride. Grandma Gallo is just as opinionated as ever. Gotta love that woman. Advice jumps off the pages. Pike and Mammoth bring on the the "been their, done that" attitude to kick Dylan back into reality. The laughs. The expletives. The tears. Sign me up for more.
  • Amazing

    By mamacarson2
    Another amazing one. Read it all in one night. Come two hours I’ll hate myself but it was worth it.
  • Life

    By Peg B C
    Bad things happen to good people in life. For them to find the right person or people to change their minds and how they feel about themselves PRICELESS. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book. Awesome story line that hit home bone deep. Now on to Luna page turner !! This one is going to be a hoot and mostly very Hot !
  • One of my new favorite couples

    By Babymama090912
    Wow I think Dylan and Rosie may have become my new favorite couple. The beginning of the book started off a bit sad and you just feel for Dylan. Then we fast forward to the present and I am just laughing. Rosie and her cousins banter is always my favorite because you add the men into it and you just roll off the couch laughing. Any ways Dylan and Rosie meet one night at a bar when Rosie is trying to forget about the horrible date she was just on. But once she realizes who the man sitting next to her is a Walsh she decides her wallowing is over and time to go home, hoping to never see Dylan again. Well the next day guess who comes into Inked…….Dylan!!!! The sparks between these two fly and the chemistry is off the charts. Since he is a Walsh, Rosie knows she can’t get involved with him no matter what she feels. Rosie ends up in two sticky situations where Dylan comes to her rescue, so she finally caves and takes him for a thank you dinner. But the night doesn’t go as planned, go read the books for details it’s way better than me recounting it. You’ll get lots of Gallos and lots of laughs. So go read this book, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Loved!!!

    By Jenna1129
    Rosie and Dylan were such a fun read and a great addition to the men of ink series! I love this series and the Gallo family is simply amazing with their love and support for one another. Rosie was strong and knew what she wanted. So many laughs especially with the cousins and their group texts. Dylan overcame so much and his childhood will tug on your emotions. I loved the push and pull of their relationship. A great book and addition to this series!
  • Rosie and Dylan were meant for each other!!

    By Romance213
    I absolutely love this book!! Rosie and Dylan are a passionate couple who stole my heart with her feisty attitude and his knight in shining armor personality. Dylan had always wished for a loving family and he found one when Rosie appeared in his life. Dylan oozes sweetness towards Rosie and even though he had a hard life she brought out his gentle and loving side. Rosie is funny, level headed and somewhat quiet compared to her Gallo cousins. She gives as good as she gets but Dylan was definitely up for the challenge as he attempted to win Rosie’s heart. I always look forward to new books about the extended Gallo family and Rosie and Dylan’s story just blew me away! I love all the couples that Ms. Bliss gives us and Rosie and Dylan’s romance brings something new and refreshing to all her readers. They had a connection that went way back which made their courtship that much more meaningful. They laugh and have fun when they are together and are appreciative of what they can bring to their relationship. Dylan envies Rosie and she knows in her heart that he is the best man he can be. Dylan is thoughtful, proud and determined to prove to Rosie’s family that he is worthy of her love. “Ashes” is a sweet and tender romance that endeared Rosie and Dylan to me forever. I desperately needed a positive and beautiful romance to make me appreciate the magic of love.
  • Devoured in a day!

    By Rinsky13
    I devoured this in a day. I love everything Gallo, and loved Rosie’s book. She’s quiet and reserved, but feisty and sassy when need be. And when she runs into Dylan, someone from long ago, it ends up being a perfect meet (though maybe not at first lol). He’s healing from the past, but is there for her, more then once, when she really needs him. I completely loved this!! And can’t wait for Luna’s book!