We Don't Leave - Emerald O'Brien

We Don't Leave

By Emerald O'Brien

  • Release Date: 2021-07-21
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


Who can you believe when you can't trust your own eyes?

Hayden is excited to begin a new life with her husband, Sid, after he accepts a job offer back in his hometown. She doesn't love the idea of being so far from her family, but she understands why he's pushing for the move—after a car wreck and addiction issues, it makes sense that he'd want a fresh start. Sid has even agreed to throw a party to celebrate the transition.

But when Hayden steals away to their cottage for some time alone, she makes a shocking discovery.

Terrified, she races home, but by the next morning, she's more confused than anything.

What did she really witness? Is her mind playing tricks on her? If she's right, what she saw might upend both her marriage and her very freedom.

But Hayden can't risk making accusations, not without proof.

After all, it's not the first time she's seen something that wasn't there.


  • “We’ve always been one dark secret away from the end.”

    By Romance213
    I always look forward to a new release from Emerald O’Brien because her psychological thrillers make me think, give me goosebumps and always surprise me at the end. I found myself reading each sentence carefully so as not to miss any clues about what might be going on. I immediately distrusted Hayden’s husband Sid, because of his aloof and controlling personality, so I kept a close eye on him throughout the book to see if he would slip up and expose any of his secrets. Hayden definitely could have chosen a better man for herself because as she found out, Sid had become someone she no longer recognized. He never commented on her artwork, forgot dinner dates and was secretive about so many things. I was afraid that Hayden would be so caught up in her devotion to Sid to see what was happening around her. She wondered if her mind was playing tricks on her or was she a pawn in a dangerous game? To me, “We Don’t Leave” was a puzzle to solve as I moved around my pieces (the characters) until everything made sense, my questions were answered, and secrets were revealed. I was shocked at the ending and I have to admit I read it twice, because I couldn’t believe what had taken place. I am in awe of Ms. O’Brien’s creativeness and I look forward to more thought-provoking thrillers.