40 Bible Verses to Pray Over Your Husband and Marriage - Claire Robin

40 Bible Verses to Pray Over Your Husband and Marriage

By Claire Robin

  • Release Date: 2021-07-28
  • Genre: Christianity


Prayer is apparently vital in every relationship. Marriage relationship in particular requires a constant flow of prayer for peace to avail and for the couples to conquer in times of trials. The difference between a shaking marriage and a successful marriage is the amount of prayer and faith both couples are willing to put together, even as they pray in harmony. The unity in faith assures physical unity. The individual relationship both couples have with God will determine the quality of relationship they will have within the marriage. Faithfulness, commitment, and affection will not be a struggle once couples abide by the words and pray fervently towards the success of the marriage, career, children, and life as a whole A prayerful wife is a happy wife. There is nothing better than praying fervently over your husband. There is nothing that cannot be controlled through prayer. What is bound on earth will be bound in heaven, and no forces, either physical or spiritual can stand against the faith you put upon the success of your marriage. This book is dedicated to all married women, who believe in the power of prayer, and are willing to make an effort to pray fervently just to see the success of their husbands. There are more than 40 prayer points and guides that will help you in reaching a required end when praying upon your marriage and husband. Also, you learn the wisdom, through grace, on how to put your family in order using the power of prayer and the word of God. You will also learn about… •Prayers that will build the marriage •Prayers that will improve your companionship •Prayer that deepens your communication •Prayer that improves honesty and the desire for togetherness Among the prayers for your husband, you will learn… •How to pray for his future •How to pray for his heart •How to pray for a gentle spirit within your husband •Prayers that he would be a forgiven husband •Prayers that he would become patient and fearless •Prayers to get salvation for your family and children •Prayers to resolve marital problems •Prayers that he would be humble •Prayers to have a breakthrough •Prayers for his health (both spiritually and physically) etc. This book is for you who want to start enjoying the Grace of God in your marriage by praying the right way.