How to Deal with Loneliness in A Relationship - Claire Robin

How to Deal with Loneliness in A Relationship

By Claire Robin

  • Release Date: 2021-07-30
  • Genre: Love & Romance


It is perfectly normal to be alone and feel lonely, and then be with someone and still feel the same way. The difference between being alone and lonely, and being in a relationship and lonely is very clear. Aloneness is intentional, where we might be at ease and fulfilled, but loneliness is a helpless situation. One of the reasons why we go into a relationship is to be sheltered from the feeling of loneliness. Relationships should make one have a sense of 'wholeness,' but what if you don't have that anymore in your relationship? It has been reported that loneliness disrupts the regulation of cellular processes deep in the body, exposing us to premature aging. Loneliness in a relationship can cause depression, and render you unhappy for a very long time. Although you might appear fulfilled and satisfied, something is dying inside you. The good news is, loneliness in a relationship can be controlled and adjusted once you follow a predetermined strategy. This book is a quick guide to help you overcome loneliness in a relationship and build emotional intimacy. You will begin to understand the causes of loneliness personally and take personal steps to stop loneliness in your life. You will begin to have a fulfilling relationship, where happiness is going to be final. Optimum mental and physical health is assured in people with a healthy relationship. So, this book will guide you through building an interactive relationship and overcoming loneliness completely.