Hide and Seek Find Me If You Can Cats - Cally Finsbury

Hide and Seek Find Me If You Can Cats

By Cally Finsbury

  • Release Date: 2021-07-30
  • Genre: Children's Fiction


This is a simple picture book. You have the opportunity to look at lots of cats. The simple challenge is to look at the cat you have to find and have fun finding it. This simple game has many benefits. You and your child are encouraged to look at the cat and remember what it looks like and then to scan the page to match that cat. This simple game helps to develop many beneficial skills. I used this simple game to get my sons used to scanning their work. Because my sons were using to searching and scanning a page they were able to scan their work to check for missing capital letters or full stops. It is also a fun way to play hide and seek with your child and you can adapt it by giving them clues as to where to look on the page and you can say things like I am near the top or the bottom or left or right the choice is yours to enjoy and explore your time reading with your child. There are many books by Cally Finsbury for you to explore. The books are usually free so you can take a chance and explore the wide range of books for boys and girls. If your child is a reluctant reader or doesn't engage in reading much these types of books can provide an opportunity for children to start their journey in loving books as my sons do.