How to Stay Married and Not Kill Your Spouse - Claire Robin

How to Stay Married and Not Kill Your Spouse

By Claire Robin

  • Release Date: 2021-08-01
  • Genre: Love & Romance


Even though society has painted the wrong picture about marriage commitment, resilience, and the amount of matrimonial happiness an individual is entitled to, marriage is one of the most beautiful things that can ever happen to a person. It is apparent that you have to put some work into making your marriage work, but having long-lasting peace and satisfaction in your marriage relationship is absolutely possible. This book has brought to light different strategies used by modern couples to cultivate better intimacy, build a stronger connection, and deal with difficulties concerning the character of their significant other—the happiness route. The information in this book is based on the personal experiences of different couples who have experimented and are happy with the result of using certain tricks in saving their marriage. Even broken marriages have been repaired using the same strategies. Look nowhere else if your aim is to develop a new hope, and to make your home a better place to be! Among the things you are going to learn: -Building back destructive marriage -How to deal with a difficult spouse -Strategies for repairing a broken marriage -Effective marriage communication -The building and destructive power of emotions -How to build emotional intimacy -Ways to manage anger and achieve harmony -Steps for changing your spouse (improvement tips and tricks) And much more! If you want to stay married and overcome unhappiness, this book is for you. Make sure you use all the materials provided in order to achieve the maximum results.