The Waking Place: A Psychological Suspense - Emerald O'Brien

The Waking Place: A Psychological Suspense

By Emerald O'Brien

  • Release Date: 2021-03-18
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


Heart-clenching, atmospheric and unpredictable, The Waking Place is a psychological suspense novel that will keep readers guessing until the final page.

Givers must set limits, for takers have none.

When Lane moves in with her beloved uncle Donnie after his dementia diagnosis, she drops everything to take care of him. After her sister arrives unexpectedly, Lane is hopeful for more help. Instead, she watches as Cece leads a carefree life despite their uncle's rapid deterioration, and resentment begins to fester.

As one sister grows bitter, the other harbours a dark secret. Cece's wild and spontaneous life is far from what it appears...

Fearing for Donnie's safety as he begins trying to leave the house after dark, Lane forces herself into a reckless pattern of sleepless nights. But a mistake leads to a series of disturbing events and a big decision for Lane.

When Uncle Donnie's menacing son gets word his father will be placed in long-term care, he returns to his childhood home with questionable motives.

And after a terrible accident, Lane is forced to turn to a sister she no longer trusts to hide the evidence, crossing lines they never thought possible.

This family's secrets are to die for...
But will they have to kill to keep them?

"... twist after twist... an absolute masterpiece, from the dark and haunting opening pages to the fast-paced and breathless ending." -Kiersten Modglin, bestselling author of The Arrangement Trilogy