The Secret Techniques of Bonsai - Mihai Claudiu Nistor & Mike Smith

The Secret Techniques of Bonsai

By Mihai Claudiu Nistor & Mike Smith

  • Release Date: 2021-08-19
  • Genre: Gardening


Before we delve into the world of Bonsai, I would like to thank you for selecting the book "Bonsai: The Complete Step By Step Guide for Beginners." I hope you find it resourceful and that it helps you truly understand the art of Bonsai.

Have you ever seen a Bonsai tree? Has the beauty of it made you feel like you wanted to grow one yourself? If you are completely unfamiliar with Bonsai, you might not know where to get started.  There are many different aspects of Bonsai that you need to familiarize yourself with first. You need to learn about how to grow and care for a Bonsai tree properly. There are many tree types that are more ideal for Bonsai compared to others. If you want to learn about all of these things and more, this book is the right place to begin. It will guide you from learning the basics of Bonsai to the more intricate details involved over time. 

Thank you once again for choosing this book, I hope you find it useful. 

Contrary to what you may know, a Bonsai is not just one particular tree. Any tree that can be grown in a miniature model of its original size can be a Bonsai. A Bonsai tree can be of miniature size, but it can still look just as old as the original life-sized one. So you have to understand that Bonsai is not a particular variety of trees but an age-old technique with which trees are grown. If you try to buy a Bonsai tree on the market, you will see that the price depends on the age of the tree. The maturity of a Bonsai tree will add to its value. If you want to grow a Bonsai yourself, there are different types of trees that you can select from and then practice the art of Bonsai to help in its growth. 
Bonsai are basically trees in pots or containers. It requires a lot of patience to plant and grow these trees in containers. The foliage of the tree will have to be trained in order to get the kind of Bonsai shape you want. The roots have to be pruned for the miniature version, and the branches will need wiring. There are many different techniques that you will learn about using this book, and all of these will help you successfully grow and maintain a Bonsai tree. You have to realize that just putting a plant in a pot will not make it Bonsai.

Thank you once again for choosing this book, I hope you find it useful.