Anxiously Attached - Jessica Baum

Anxiously Attached

By Jessica Baum

  • Release Date: 2022-06-14
  • Genre: Family & Relationships
Score: 4.5
From 30 Ratings


A road map for building strong and secure relationships for those who struggle with anxiety in their romantic connections.

An estimated 47 million Americans identify as having an anxious attachment style, which can make being in relationships turbulent and emotionally taxing for them. According to groundbreaking research in the field of attachment, anxious types are more prone to insecurity, jealousy, codependency, and other behaviors that get in the way of finding and sustaining love. In Anxiously Attached, seasoned psychotherapist and couples counselor Jessica Baum guides readers through understanding their attachment style at its core and building the inner strength and self-love that will lead them to more secure and satisfying relationships.
Developed over ten years in private practice, Baum’s signature Self-full® Method has helped her clients get off the toxic roller coaster of anxious attachment and discover the secure and mutually supportive relationships they deserve. In this book readers will learn how to:
Create boundaries to safeguard their sense of self-sovereignty in relationshipsCommunicate to their partners what they need to feel safe and secure in the relationshipDevelop a secure sense of self-worth and emotional stabilityLearn the true meaning of a healthy/interdependent relationship and how to establish one with their partner or future partner.Discover a compassionate path towards healing through experiences like mediation practices where they can start to develop more insight into their internal landscape.Attain a deep understanding of the anxious-avoidant dance that is extremely common in intimacy struggles. 
Anxiously Attached offers a practical and holistic approach for overcoming anxious attachment issues to discover happier, more fulfilling relationships.


  • Insightful

    By ayalafea
    I’m not particularly a spiritual person, but the clinical elaboration into what happens in the literal brain of an anxiously attached person makes it all connect to what we think about ourselves and how we react and how we get triggered and how that manifests into our emotional reality. Practical tips are included but the work you do with this book is very deep and meaningful.
  • One of The Most Recommended

    By Book_Lover!<3
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! It deepened my understanding of many topics that I already knew about and I definitely found it in the right time! I look forward to reading more of these kind of books and I hope that others are encouraged to read it.
  • Amazing and helpful read

    By steveatevern
    Amazing, informative and helpful.
  • Increased my self-awareness

    By Esme Herrera
    I found myself making so many highlights in this book. It feels like Jessica is really speaking to you. I’ll definitely be returning to it from time to time. I don’t know how helpful and transformative it will be as I imagine it takes time and application to heal and evolve.