Perfect Target - Barbara Freethy

Perfect Target

By Barbara Freethy

  • Release Date: 2022-07-19
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 152 Ratings


"I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday night than losing myself in one of Barbara Freethy’s books. I love the Off The Grid series but I honestly think this one is my favorite. I have no doubt her next book will be awesome, too!" Booklovers Anonymous

When a yacht blows up in the Newport Beach Harbor killing a California senator, FBI Agent Beck Murray is reminded of another mega-yacht fire ten years earlier. Then a rookie cop, he pulled popular teenage TV star Piper Nolan out of the water. He's never forgotten her terror or her rambling story, but the investigation was shut down before it got started.   
Now the current explosion provides a clue that leads back to Piper, and Beck knows it can't be a coincidence. But Piper is even less willing to talk to him now. The former It Girl has hidden herself in the shadows. She has secrets and is clearly terrified. 
Are her secrets twisted up in murder? Did she lie to him before? Is she lying to him now? 
The danger heightens when another body drops. Beck needs to find a killer before anyone else becomes a target, including himself…and maybe the woman he's beginning to love. 
Don't miss PERFECT TARGET, the next thrilling romantic suspense novel in the bestselling OFF THE GRID: FBI Series by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Barbara Freethy.
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  • Recommended read

    By IAGram
    This review is of Perfect Target, book 11 in Barbara Freethy’s Off the Grid FBI series. I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Perfect Target, like the rest of the books in the series, is another winner! Everyone has secrets. Some aren’t that big of a deal, and others can get you killed. Exposing someone else’s secrets can be even more deadly. So when a senator is blown up on his yacht, the FBI is interested in everyone’s secrets. Will Piper’s secrets give her the strength she needs to finish her job? Or will they destroy her hope for any kind of a normal future? What about the other girls? How do they fit in? And will the secrets ofFBI Agent Beck Murray help or hinder his ability to do his job and keep Piper safe? And the biggest question to go with all of these secrets is why haven’t you already read this book? You don’t need to read the others in the series to understand this one. But again, why haven’t you?
  • Perfect Target

    By pudge48
    Awesome read as usual. Can’t wait for the next one.
  • Perfect Target

    By Jen G F
    A*R*C for honest review with no compensation Perfect Target is book 11 in Off The Grid:FBI series by Barbara Freethy and such a well written book! Another thrilling, suspenseful, twists, turns, edge of your seat read, second chance romance for Beck Murray and PiperNolan.
  • Loved Beck and Piper’s Romantic Thriller

    By BBQ griller
    Barbara Freethy has done it again! I absolutely loved Perfect Target by Barbara Freethy, the eleventh book in her Off the Grid: FBI series. Barbara Freethy has once again delivered an incredible romantic thriller with Perfect Target. Each book in Barbara Freethy's Off the Grid: FBI series continues to get better and better. I have loved all the books in the series, but I think that Perfect Target is my favorite. Barbara Freethy has once again provided her readers with amazing characters; I love all the characters in Perfect Target! Who doesn't love hot, sexy men and strong, passionate women? I love how Barbara Freethy somehow manages to find the "perfect" heroine, who is a strong woman on her own, to balance out the career focused FBI agent. Perfect Target is filled with heartbreaking and heartwarming moments. I love the lighter moments where I find myself smiling and laughing out loud. My favorite moments are the ones that pull at my heartstrings that cause me to sigh, as I read the heartbreaking moments. Perfect Target is filled with such moments, and with so much emotion. It is filled with all those things that we have come to love and expect in a Barbara Freethy romantic suspense love story, especially the poignant and bittersweet moments that filled this page turner. Barbara Freethy continues to deliver all that and so much more. Perfect Target had me guessing throughout the story as to who was behind the thrilling events that took place in this story. The identity of the villain was truly a surprise when it was revealed. I could not put it down. I loved every moment on every page. I really enjoy how the book is told from the perspective of the main characters. I love getting the insight and feelings from the different characters. Barbara Freethy has once again proven that she is a master storyteller. Perfect Target is the story of Beck Murray, FBI Special Agent and Piper Nolan, pastry chef and former child actress. Beck and Piper originally meet seven years prior, when Beck worked for the harbor police and rescued Piper when she jumped in the harbor following a fire on the yacht she was partying on. Beck is now investigating the death of Senator Larry Brixton, following the explosion of his yacht. Piper was the last person to see Larry alive when she delivered desserts to his yacht for a party that he was to have that evening. Beck meets with Piper asking why she did not hang around following the explosion. After attempts are made on Larry’s bodyguard and Piper’s lives, Beck takes her to his home to keep her safe. Together they work together to discover who is behind the Larry’s death and the attempts on Piper’s life. Piper and her friends are looking for information to discredit men who have taken advantage of young actresses. Piper finally decides to trust Beck enough to share everything with him. Both Beck and Piper share secrets with each other that they have never told anyone before, Beck told Piper what really happened to his parents, and she tells Beck what really happened on that yacht seven years ago. As they continue to spend time together, things change between them and that scares Beck. I loved how the relationship between Beck and Piper changes them, from mistrust and that they are both willing to take a chance at love. I love the surprise plot twists that fill this page turner which Barbara Freethy includes in all her stories. I really enjoy the poignant and bittersweet moments, the plot twists and the surprises that I have come to love and expect in Barbara Freethy's books and Perfect Target did not disappoint. My favorite part is how Beck’s brother, David reveals that as a teen, Beck had a poster of Piper on his wall. I love how all the loose ends get tied up and how hearing a song causes Piper to remember events from her past, putting her life in jeopardy once again, but revealed who was behind all the events in the book. I love all the characters and the way Barbara describes the locations in and around Los Angeles. Reading Perfect Target felt like a family reunion, I loved catching up with the other FBI agents in the series. It was really an incredible romantic thriller, and I loved every page. It was an amazing story and I highly recommend it.
  • Perfect Target

    By ewhite2003
    Piper was once the It Girl, and now a pastry chef, would she be recognized. A political dinner for the Senator, he had been her tv dad, secrets they both had. Leaving the yacht, once again her world is shaken. Another night, ten years ago. and FBI Agent Beck, wanted answers. Too many of the same things have once again occurred yet seemed even less likely to get answers, even now. Powerful plot, that has you wanting more as you read. A winner for the author and the series, I enjoyed reading Given ARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion
  • Excellent read

    By ledoss
    Another “hit” in the FBI Off the grid series. Hard found trust and power hungry cinema brokers are the center of this newest story. Trust, angst, villainy, drama, romance and HEA are all found here. Great vacation read!
  • Perfect Book!

    By Grinandstampit
    Do you like thrillers? Do you like romance? Barbara Freethy is an expert at writing both melding them together into one incredible book. Perfect Target features Beck Murray and previous child star Piper Nolan. But Piper is no longer a star and her life imploded. Years later her past has come back and put her in a precarious situation. Beck Murray crossed her path years ago as Port Police and now as an FBI agent. She needs his help but withholds information. The twists and turns in this book keep you dizzy with a totally unexpected villain (but that’s what makes it so good). A true “must read” In the Off the Grid FBI series. Thanks to Barbara Freethy for another top notch read!