The Improvement of the Mind - Isaac Watts

The Improvement of the Mind

By Isaac Watts

  • Release Date: 2021-07-23
  • Genre: Education


"Perhaps the readers may find something here which may wake a latent genius and direct the studies of a willing mind."

How accurate Isaac Watts was in that statement! For this book inspired the father of electromagnetism, Michael Faraday, and guided his way of thinking through all his scientific accomplishments. Given his great achievements from a limited starting point, isn't it worth discovering what Faraday found?

This is a guide on how to learn, apply, and communicate effectively. Whether you're a student who wants to shorten your studying-hours and make them more efficient, a teacher who would like to add a flare to their lectures, a parent wanting to influence your children, or even just a reader wanting to improve your communication and critical analysis, this book will prove invaluable!

It teaches you to make the most out of your books and lectures, learn a foreign language efficiently, improve your memory, resolve disputes in a logical way, and much more.

"Few books have been perused by me with greater pleasure than his Improvement of the Mind.

It is difficult to read a page without learning, or at least wishing, to be better."

~Dr. Johnson, literary critic