To Hire And To Hold - Motoko Mori & Margot Dalton

To Hire And To Hold

By Motoko Mori & Margot Dalton

  • Release Date: 2021-10-29
  • Genre: Romance


Not even in her wildest dreams did Lee expect to see David, her ex-fiance from six years ago, at the same company job interview. Their engagement fell through over some serious family issues, which caused the two to be out of touch this entire time. However, time never made Lee’s love fade away. Lee is betting everything for this job interview, and needs to get hired no matter what… even if it means to lie about being married! Since there is a rumor about the company favoring married workers, both David and Lee slip out a lie that they are both married. This lie ends up haunting Lee, as she cannot take on the guilt of lying to get a job, which is why David suggests that they turn the lie into the truth… to be married to each other.