Flutter for Beginners - Thomas Bailey, Alessandro Biessek & Trevor Wills

Flutter for Beginners

By Thomas Bailey, Alessandro Biessek & Trevor Wills

  • Release Date: 2021-10-18
  • Genre: Programming


Develop the real-world experience you need to build and launch your own Flutter apps with this full-color guide

Key Features
Get up to speed with the basics of Dart programming and delve into Flutter developmentLearn about Flutter widgets, plugins, and animations to create a high-quality app user experiencePackage and deploy your Flutter apps to achieve native-like performance
Book Description

There have been many attempts at creating frameworks that are truly cross-platform, but most struggle to create a native-like experience at high performance levels. Flutter achieves this with an elegant design and a wealth of third-party plugins, making it the future of mobile app development. If you are a mobile developer who wants to create rich and expressive native apps with the latest Google Flutter framework, this book is for you.

This book will guide you through developing your first app from scratch all the way to production release. Starting with the setup of your development environment, you'll learn about your app's UI design and responding to user input via Flutter widgets, manage app navigation and screen transitions, and create widget animations. You'll then explore the rich set of third party-plugins, including Firebase and Google Maps, and get to grips with testing and debugging. Finally, you'll get up to speed with releasing your app to mobile stores and the web.

By the end of this Flutter book, you'll have gained the confidence to create, edit, test, and release a full Flutter app on your own.

What you will learn
Explore the core concepts of the Flutter framework and how it is used for cross-platform developmentUnderstand the fundamentals of the Dart programming languageWork with Flutter widgets and learn the concepts of stateful and stateless widgetsAdd animation to your app using animated widgets and advanced animations techniquesMaster the complete development lifecycle, including testing and debuggingInvestigate the app release process to both mobile stores and the web
Who this book is for

This book is for developers looking to learn Google's revolutionary framework Flutter from scratch. No prior knowledge of Flutter or Dart is required.