I Heard You Scream: A gripping and unpredictable psychological thriller novel with a killer twist - Emerald O'Brien

I Heard You Scream: A gripping and unpredictable psychological thriller novel with a killer twist

By Emerald O'Brien

  • Release Date: 2022-04-21
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 11 Ratings


Five can keep a secret if four are dead.

On a cold fall night in a small Canadian town, four of Chelsea's friends are found dead, victims of a brutal stabbing—a selfish act of revenge.

The only witness, Chelsea spends the next five years struggling to bury her trauma. The victims' families call her a hero. Her fiancé calls her the love of his life. Her best friend tells her there's nothing more she could have done for her friends. She's almost convinced herself that it's true when she attends an anniversary memorial held at the scene of the crime. 

But Chelsea's ability to ignore the past comes to an end that very night when she receives an intimidating message.

Tell the police the truth about what you all did that night or I will.

You have 24 hours to confess.

Is it an empty threat from someone digging for facts they don't actually possess? Or does someone else know Chelsea shared a secret with her friends? Either way, Chelsea knows the stakes are too high to ignore when the blackmailer resorts to violence—those closest to her might be the next victims if she doesn't do as they ask.  

The truth can ruin her life. But the lies have her just as trapped, a pawn in a deadly game even she doesn't fully understand. She has no choice but to confess.

But Chelsea's about to discover that some things are best taken to the grave.


  • “To learn the truth, I had to tell mine.”

    By Romance213
    Chelsea was the lone survivor of a mass killing at her friend's beach house. Was she a hero or a witness to something she couldn’t comprehend? The beach house held many secrets for Chelsea and her friends, along with fun times until tragedy struck one dark night that changed their lives forever. The house where the murders occurred, along with the beach, were an integral part of the storyline; a character to analyze, a safe haven for the friends, and a prison at the end. I wasn’t quite sure where the storyline was going until all of Chelsea’s lies were exposed. She definitely wasn’t the person everyone thought she was. Chelsea had knowledge of certain events that directly resulted in the tragedy at the beach which turned her into someone she didn’t even recognize. Chelsea wished she could just close her eyes and make all the nightmares go away, but it was too late. She was living in her own nightmare that was making her paranoid and causing her to constantly look over her shoulder. Was there anyone Chelsea could trust with her secrets or was everyone close to her a potential suspect? Will the secrets of the beach house remain hidden; washed away at the next high tide? Ms. O’Brien definitely made me take a step back so I could line up my clues and dissect them, before I could completely understand what had transpired. I was shocked by an ending that I never saw coming, which is exactly what I expected from this thought-provoking psychological thriller!!