High Impact - Freya Barker

High Impact

By Freya Barker

  • Release Date: 2022-12-05
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 20 Ratings


Manager for Hart’s Horse Rescue, Lucy Lenoir, finally feels she has a handle on life after having worked hard to leave her old one behind. So hard, there are times she almost forgets what she escaped. Memories which suddenly come flooding back when she catches a glimpse of a familiar horseman in town. 

What’s worse, he’s in the company of the unlikely cowboy she’s only just beginning to trust.

High Mountain Tracker, Bo Rivera, tries hard never to repeat his mistakes. A huge one changed the course of his life and made him particularly cautious, especially around women. So much so, he almost passed up on the best thing to ever walk into his life; the compact, blonde ballbuster in need of a gentle hand. 

However, the more he learns about her, the more he realizes a soft touch alone won’t keep her demons at bay. Those will need a firmer hand…to keep the gun steady.


  • Loved it

    By meggle50
    I have been waiting for Bo and Lucy since they first met in this series. Finally we get to see them get their chance. No has been holding back from pursuing something with Lucy because of something that happened with a younger women in his past. Unknown to him, Lucy is older than he believes her to be. Lucy has a past and she has always been on the move to make sure it doesn’t catch up to her. But she has made friends and started to set up roots and Bo throws her off her game when trying to not let anyone all the way in. Learning more about these two and their part was great. I loved Bo’s mom as well. When Lucy’s past catches up to her, she believes running is the only way to save herself and most likely her new family of friends. I don’t want to give anything away as I loved it from start to finish and you definitely don’t want any spoilers. Just sad my time with the High Meadow Trackers has come to an end though it is a good one.
  • Yes!!!

    By Mom of twins plus 1
    Yes!! Bo and Lucy are my favorite couple in the series to date! I loved every single thing about their story. Lucy is such a wonderfully rounded character and Bo is just dreamy. I was on the edge of my seat through this entire book.
  • Bo and Lucy

    By Sandyn461
    I don’t think this story can be any better. Bo is such a great man, OTT and all! Lucy is a bit difficult to warm up to. Once we learn more of her story, you have a much better understanding of her aloofness.such great descriptions of how the characters felt. I could clearly see their expressions and emotions in my mind. Action and suspense. I’m so curious about Dan.
  • Bo & Lucy

    By The Reading Nano
    I don’t think there is anything this amazing author can’t do. She just grabs you and won’t let go. Bo Rivera has been holding back because he thinks Lucy is much younger than she is. When he finds out her real age it’s on. Lucy Lenoir has been hiding so much that no one suspected. Bo is breaking down her barriers one at a time. “Awww,” Pippa teases. “You’re sweet on her.” “For a while now,” I admit. “I think we all knew that, Bo. I just wasn’t sure you’d ever get around to doing something about it.” This is such a wonderful series. I just can’t get enough.
  • Fantastic

    By audreywk
    Wow! This was such a fantastic book! I couldn’t put it down. I absolutely loved Bo and Lucy. I loved how gentle and protective he was of her. This book kept me guessing until the end. Just when I thought I had it, I was wrong. Now, who is next??
  • Hope this series continues!!!!!

    By dr_existential
    High Impact by Freya Barker Bo Rivera former nurse and medic. Arrested a long time ago for statutory rape but then was found not guilty because of witnesses. He’s former special ops military tracking unit. He’s a flirt but nothing ever serious. Until he meets Lucy. Lucy Lenoir — She’s a survivor. Has no one except Alex (Friend) and her horses. Or so she thinks. Her passion is the animal rescue, down the road from the Jonas Harvey’s High Meadow Ranch where she has lots of furry loves… goats, horses, Both have a past that haunts their present. Can they move beyond this to have a future together? No matter how far you run, the past can become the present. I cannot say enough time how much I love Freya’s books. And reading them on Kindle or Apple iBooks has me hanging onto my seat, even more than listening on Audible. And I will admit that I have listened to most of her catalog of books. Her characters have flaws and still find love. Isn’t that what we hope for when we open a cover? To be lost in a world where everything is possible and when we put ourselves in the place of the hero or heroine, we feel seen, heard, and loved. That to me is the power of Freya’s words. My only disappointment was I was hoping for an epilogue. Usually I poo poo them and think, is it necessary? So I don’t know if I’m programmed that way now or if I wanted to know how they made out after the end? So please do not hear that I was disappointed with the end of the book. It was great. I just want to know what happens for them next. My biggest hope is that Freya gives us more than the original 4 silver foxes. There are characters in the books that she could draw on to continue the series and I hope those characters talk her into continuing. 5 stars. 2 thumbs up. 100% Loved. What else can I say?
  • Lucy & Bo forever!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    I could not put this book down! Who knew Lucy was hiding all that?! She's been such a hardened character and this really explains why. Honestly, to go through what she did would break most people. I'm not much of a fan of resistance but after hearing why Bo was resisting Lucy in the first three books, it really does explain things and I get it. Anyone would be hesitant to go through that again. Sorry, I will leave it there for no spoiling. Bo was so protective of Lucy and I loved every minute of it. And Bo's mom? lol. That woman is a spitfire! This was a great read. It has triggers for some readers. What happened to Lucy is what alot of women fear. I was so happy to see her finally get her happily ever after. Both her and Bo deserved to find that kind of love after everything they have both been through.