The Lost Metal - Brandon Sanderson

The Lost Metal

By Brandon Sanderson

  • Release Date: 2022-11-15
  • Genre: Epic
Score: 4.5
From 502 Ratings


Return to #1 New York Times bestseller Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn world of Scadrial as its second era, which began with The Alloy of Law, comes to its earth-shattering conclusion in The Lost Metal.

For years, frontier lawman turned big-city senator Waxillium Ladrian has hunted the shadowy organization the Set—with his late uncle and his sister among their leaders—since they started kidnapping people with the power of Allomancy in their bloodlines. When Detective Marasi Colms and her partner Wayne find stockpiled weapons bound for the Outer City of Bilming, this opens a new lead. Conflict between Elendel and the Outer Cities only favors the Set, and their tendrils now reach to the Elendel Senate—whose corruption Wax and Steris have sought to expose—and Bilming is even more entangled.

After Wax discovers a new type of explosive that can unleash unprecedented destruction and realizes that the Set must already have it, an immortal kandra serving Scadrial’s god, Harmony, reveals that Bilming has fallen under the influence of another god: Trell, worshipped by the Set. And Trell isn’t the only factor at play from the larger Cosmere—Marasi is recruited by offworlders with strange abilities who claim their goal is to protect any cost.

Wax must choose whether to set aside his rocky relationship with God and once again become the Sword that Harmony has groomed him to be. If no one steps forward to be the hero Scadrial needs, the planet and its millions of people will come to a sudden and calamitous ruin.

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  • It’s been awhile

    By jhwood01
    I had forgotten how much I love the world of Scadrial in the cosmere. While the incorporation of all Sanderson’s worlds can become confusing (for those who want all the answers you will end up doing a search) the story was tremendous and the characters were fantastic. This conclusion was fun, interesting, filled with Easter eggs to make you want to dive deeper into his other books, while still keeping to story focused.
  • Satisfying

    By Halowing0
    Great conclusion to this section of the story of Scadriel. I cannot wait to see where Mr. Sanderson takes this planet in the next phase of the saga.
  • Great completion

    By anusidd
    Sanderson has a wonderful way of ending series leaving the reader content with the journey.
  • Happy to read it, sad it’s over

    By wishesandkisses
    I love everything by Brandon Sanderson. So many great developments in the one
  • Couldn’t put it down

    By Happy Dad Who Sleeps
    You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll cry some more.
  • Wonderful end to the second era

    By Words over my hammy
    I couldn’t put the book down. Only start reading if you have the time to do nothing else but read it!!
  • Missing Supplemental PDF

    By MaxMode123456789
    Do not buy from Apple Books the audiobook is supposed come with a supplemental PDF
  • Written like a first draft

    By DatSawgDaddy
    Like a lot of Brandon’s recent works, this feels like a good start but not something that should have been published quite yet. This is extremely mediocre, especially considering how good the first three wax and Wayne books are. Never should have been published