Garrett's Destiny - Rebecca Zanetti

Garrett's Destiny

By Rebecca Zanetti

  • Release Date: 2022-10-25
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
Score: 4.5
From 125 Ratings


Perfect for fans of Katee Robert and pulsing with passion, adventure, and paranormal suspense and romance, the latest novel in the New York Times bestselling Dark Protectors series delivers an immortal alpha male hero with a fated love and an epic destiny…

Love and danger . . .
For most of his life, Vampire-Demon Garrett Kayrs, nephew of the King of the Realm, has carried a heavy mantle of responsibility with ease and control. Fate declared him heir to the throne, Fortune marked him with the power of the mysterious circle of Seven, and Chance promised more surprises to come. Nothing deterred him from his path. Until the nightmares began—agonizing dreams of having a female, the female, his mate, on the back of his motorcycle—only to have her torn away from his protection. He feels the menace around her, the danger she’s in, and he can’t rest until he finds her . . .
Duty and desire . . .
Destiny Applegate bears the weight of her name with a respectful balance of fear and purpose. She has been given some direction, but not nearly enough to truly understand her duty, what she was born to do. Even as a child, she had a sense of him. The him, her mate. A dream moment or two with him that might have saved her—or possibly cursed her. So now, when he finds her, she has no choice but to jump on the back of his bike and do her best to hold on until she discovers her path—even if that means ending his.
“Spicy romantic interplay; highly recommended.”
Library Journal on Vampire’s Faith

“Sizzling sex scenes and a memorable cast.”
Publishers Weekly on Claimed

“A fast-paced, excitement-filled explosion of action. . . . Zanetti keeps getting better.”
—RT Book Reviews on Marked, 4.5 Stars Top Pick


  • Garrett’s Destiny

    By ReadingOverTV2
    Garrett’s Destiny by Rebecca Zanettti Dark Protectors series #15. Paranormal romantic suspense. Best read as part of the series. Cliffhanger for the overall series but not for this book. Garrett has been looking for his mate for a long time. He doesn’t expect the human female to be more than a short distraction but her recklessness and passion have him ensnared. That she has a tumor and only a short time to live has his protective instincts ruling and she’s thrust into a world she’s never imagined. Destiny is a lot naïve having been brought up in a secluded school. She soon learns there was a lot more to the school than she knew and she awakens to a paranormal world of demons, Vampires and shifters. Plus her sexual awakening is hot and repeated often. The danger and evil becomes real and tense while her tumor gets worse and the nation must focus on the ultimate ending. The battle is fought and the war is inevitable. Intense, thrilling, steamy and heart melting. I received a copy of this from NetGalley. I’ve also purchased multiple formats of this book to keep and share. It’s a favorite series.
  • Fantastic- Romantic-Action packed

    By EparReader
    ARC provided by NetGalley and Kensington Books in exchange for an honest review. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I loved it so much I bought the book for my library to reread. This is a keeper!! Dark Protectors how I have missed you. I am normally not a paranormal genre reader, but Rebecca Zanetti can write like no other in this genre for me. Her world description is so well done and plotted that I am sucked into her little world. And what a world it is. It's been a while since I read from the Dark Protector series but when I started reading it's like I never missed a beat. Yep, she's that good. Garrett, oh where do I begin. This is one alpha male with such a sweet spot for our heroine. He's been on a mission looking for his "mate", he has constant dreams of her and he feels like he's had these dreams forever. But he's got a job to do and a lot rests on his shoulders. So much is happening. He's the protector of his family and will someday be king for the Realm as well. He is trained to kill and almost impossible to kill as he is a member of the Seven. He is a perfect hero in my eyes. Destiny, our heroine, is out of "college" a very interesting term for where she was educated. Won't go into to much detail but it's a very important part of her story. But Destiny has been given some sad news, she has a "brain tumor" and has months to live. She has had a handful of doctors exam her and all say there is nothing they can do for her. Destiny and Garrett's story begins with Garrett and his biker friends at a bar. Destiny walks in and needs a little bit of rescuing. And the next thing you know Garrett is determined to keep Destiny safe as there seems to be someone in pursuit of her and she is in some kind of danger. Destiny is determined to experience everything life has to offer since she has been sequestered away in school most of her life. And there is not much of life left for her anyway. So she decides to join Garrett. Plus there is something about him that she finds very fascinating and she can't help notice that he's very handsome too. Destiny was a sweetheart and strong as well as extremely smart. But there is a mystery surrounding her life and who she really is. She is innocent but yet curious. Determined and eager to learn about life and as well as experience everything that she can. She is kind and funny too. I loved her. But there is definitely more than meets the eye with this heroine. These two are so sexy and sweet together, with a lot of chemistry. And their relationship is well developed and evolved in a mature manner. Loved them together. They definitely got their HEA. And so loved seeing past characters. And I am defiantly looking forward to future books for some of the secondary characters as well . Hinting here but how about Hope, possibly??? I see a treasure trove of future characters books. Cannot wait. The writing was excellent. There was nothing boring about this romance. Pacing was excellent and lots of romance, mystery and action. I felt immersed in the world of Dark Protectors and it made me miss them all. Highly recommended.
  • The story Garrett deserved...18 books in the making!!

    By Ela1029384756
    Rebecca Zanetti smashes it out of the park...again! I have been waiting for Garrett's story since he was born, 18 books ago! I have always loved him for the way he has served as protector for his mom and sister, even when he was still a kid. When the next generation (the Seven) started and we started to get to know him as an adult, it was no surprise that he stepped right up to protect his neice, Hope. His banter and relationships with Logan and then Sam throughout the Seven storyline makes me literally laugh out loud. I've been waiting to see who this mystery dream girl would be. Now that we finally meet Destiny, she's nothing like I (or Garrett) expected. And I absolutely love that for him. He always seems to know or have an idea of what is coming or what to do next. Dessi completely throws him for a loop which is exactly what he needs. She's perfect for him in every way! I am even more invested in the storyline now and just like with Janie's story weaving through the original storyline, I am dying to know what happens with Hope, Pax, and Drake! I can't wait to see where Rebecca takes us next!
  • Garrett’s Wild Ride-So Good!!

    By threers
    If you want to read a paranormal romance with lots to action; Garrett's Destiny is the book for you. The world is in trouble. The worlds are collapsing and Ulrich is almost free. The Kurjans are stooping to new lows to get him out and please the leader of the Cyst. Garrett dreams of his Mate. He knows almost nothing about her, but he knows she will try to kill him. Nothing will stop his search. He has to succeed in his quest. Garrett Kayr is riding with the Grizzlys, protecting Bear while he hunts for the one that will be his. Destiny is traveling the United States searching for a doctor that will give her a different diagnosis. Destiny is not as she seems. What she remembers is not how it really was. Her story is full of twists and shocking revelations. I am not quite sure when it happened, but I refused to put the book down. I growled at every interruption. I ignored calls. When that wasn't enough, I left the house. I went and got my oil changed. I got an hour and half of pure reading bliss. I think it is the first time that I didn't care about the wait. Garrett's Destiny was a glorious, suspenseful story. There was some major kicking of evil. The reader got a glimpse of a betrayal that I can only imagine will make things very interesting in the next book. The romance between Garrett and Destiny was the gilded cover on a magnificent story filled with lots of shock and awe.
  • A wild ride!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    Every time I read a new book in the series I think I have a new favorite couple. I think I have a new favorite couple! lol. Garrett was super intense. It's so weird to see him grow up in the series and then bam, you get his book and he's this majorly intense alpha that rivals his dad's book. I really like this side of him. Destiny was just as awesome. She was adorable. Like really adorable. She wore innocence well. And then you get to see another side of her and it really did work for her. Her and Garrett together were such an awesome couple. We are one step closer in the overall plot. It's getting exciting and I truly can't wait to see how this all plays out. I'm also going to be sad when it's done. I just love all these characters!
  • Garrett and Dessie

    By Sandyn461
    We have been waiting a while for the dark and broody Garrett to get his story. Dessie is a perfect match for Garrett. Dessie has many mysterious secrets. There was something that I didn’t see coming. Garrett is the OTT protector we all love. A great addition to the series.