Spirit Guides for Beginners: How to Hear the Universe's Call and Communicate with Your Spirit Guide and Guardian Angels - Layla Moon

Spirit Guides for Beginners: How to Hear the Universe's Call and Communicate with Your Spirit Guide and Guardian Angels

By Layla Moon

  • Release Date: 2021-12-23
  • Genre: Spirituality
Score: 4.5
From 426 Ratings


Have You Ever Felt the Call of the Universe?

If you've ever lacked a sense of direction, a sense of purpose, felt torn down by your struggles and hardships, or just wanted something more, then there's a reason this book has found a way into your life.

You've heard a call from the universe.

You are the universe, and the universe is you. You are experiencing yourself, which means that everything that ever exists is behind you when it comes to living the life you want to live, overcoming any adversity you encounter, and manifesting anything you want.

Layla Moon will take you on a journey into the world of cosmic energy, detailing some of the most enlightening and freeing lessons within the pages of Spirit Guides for Beginners. Some of the most important lessons a mortal human being could ever learn.

Guided by Moon herself, inspired by her own experiences and knowledge that has been passed down by hundreds of generations for thousands of years, you'll discover everything you need to know to;
Understanding what the call of the universe isHow to hear and comprehend itKnowing who and what your spirit guides and guardian angels areLearning how to connect, start a conversation, and listen to your guidesHow to manifest your dreams with the help of the cosmic sourceLearning how to start living the life you want to liveAnd so much more…
While aimed as a beginner's guide to help you get started on your journey to reconnect with your inner self and who you really are, a being of energy at one with all, this book is a detailed step-by-step journey that creates one of the most solid foundations there is for spiritual people living in the modern world.

With solid insight laced with personal experience, Layla's masterful guide is ideal for anyone looking to start their own spiritual journey. Not only does she explain how everything works and how the spiritual universe operates, but she does so in an effortless-to-understand way that anybody can grasp.

In a world that's seemingly upside down, with crazy things happening all the time, anxiety, stress, unsatisfaction, and disconnect at an all-time high, Layla's guide is undoubtedly a welcome one in the lives of many, yourself included.

If you've ever experienced your own instinctual call from the universe and you didn't know what to do with it, or you've been seeking answers, but you're unsure where to start, this book is the perfect place to get started.

When you're ready to begin this journey yourself, scroll up to the top of the page, click Buy Now, and begin.


  • A great read!

    By Nick Name Reviewer
    Appreciated how the author shared experiences of her own spiritual journey. It’s helpful and relatable to all.
  • Great book

    By JKellyL
    Very informative and easy to read! I enjoyed it very much and can’t wait to see what the universe has in store for me!!
  • Informative

    By PoetikGoddess
    I really enjoyed this book. It has gave me clarity on some things and has given me more tools to apply to reach my higher self again. Thank you.
  • Helped me start me journey

    By PrincessJataya
    I was so confused and stuck on how to start my spiritual journey this book has helped me and lead me on the right past to start thank you so much to the author because I have now learned so many new things and I can take them to help me start my journey.
  • A Spirits Guide for Beginners

    By Citatam
    I’m delighted I started with this book.
  • Donald Barrow

    By deejayontheway2success
    Very insightful and inspirational!! Loved it.
  • Alright book, but not memorable.

    By SarahS50266
    Book was very basic and bland. I only paid a few dollars for the book so it’s not a loss. Interesting read that gets your mind moving in the right direction but this book doesn’t dive deep into anything and brushes over concepts vaguely.
  • Unremarkable

    By GoudaMeunster
    Most of this information is available for free online already. Not a bad starting off point with some great anecdotes but clearly rushed writing in need of some basic edits. Zero doubts about the author’s personal experiences. There’s a lot more room for adding substance and depth.
  • Insightful

    By Berk312
    When it comes to reading it’s not particularly my favorite thing to do but when it comes to this book I didn’t stop reading. It gave me great insight and awareness to further my journey !
  • Great book!

    By Elle M15
    A good book to read! Really helped me with my angel numbers and the universe speaking to me in ways I didn’t know. Thank you!