Hoodoo Book of Spells for Beginners: Easy and effective Rootwork, Conjuring, and Protection Spells for Healing and Prosperity - Layla Moon

Hoodoo Book of Spells for Beginners: Easy and effective Rootwork, Conjuring, and Protection Spells for Healing and Prosperity

By Layla Moon

  • Release Date: 2021-12-23
  • Genre: Spirituality
Score: 4.5
From 157 Ratings


Are You Ready to Harness the Power of One of The Greatest Magics?

A powerful force that's ideal when it comes to holding negativity at bay, promoting positivity in all areas in your life, offering protection to the things you love, and ultimately taking control of your destiny.

This is your guide to Hoodoo magic.

If you've ever felt under pressure in your life, out of control, as though you're losing touch on everything, overwhelmed, stressed, or just as though everything is against you, this book has fallen into your hands exactly when it was meant to. It's time to tap into the power source already existing with you to take it all back.

Within the following chapters and passages of Hoodoo Book of Spells for Beginners, Layla Moon takes you on a journey into your heritage to one of the most enlightening magics around today.

For a beginner, this is the perfect companion for getting started. You'll gain valuable insight into the history of this magic, its origins, and some clear ideas of what this magic is capable of, as well as some guidance on how you can prepare to use it in your own life.

You'll also discover;
How to get started with Hoodoo in your day-to-day lifeHow to use conjuration spells to manifest the life you want to liveHow casting protection spells can help you withstand the toughest of timesBreak cycles of bad luck and promote good fortune throughout your lifeEncourage prosperity and financial stabilityHow to heal using Hoodoo magic, both short-term and long-term traumas and troublesRemove curses and banish pain, suffering, and negativity from your lifeHow you can use intention thinking to change everything you could ever imagineAnd so much more…
This book covers everything you need to know when starting out, plus, you'll get to learn Layla's personal insights and stories from her own magical experiences. Through trials and tribulations, Layla managed to carve her way out of some of the darkest times, and now she's sharing what she learned with you, hoping to make the journey a little easier to all those who heed her words.

When you feel the time is ready, and you want to dive into this world of Hoodoo magic and all the benefits it can bring into your life, click that "BUY NOW" button and begin.


  • New to hoodoo

    By Not true to pictures
    Loved the book! This really had my brain turning and thinking about things that already happened in life that I believed to be very spiritual because I do talk to “my spirits” I feel that are always around looking over me. I already have things like crystals, oils, Sage sticks, and incense. I always felt like there was just something that I was missing to connect with my spiritual side. So thanks for this beginners guide I’m ready to do even more research!
  • I enjoyed it and will keep

    By brothabrooks
    If you are a beginner very good book to give you a firm understanding of hoodoo and even how to work with it.Understand that you have to be able to take it a step further and actually apply what’s being taught as this is for beginners but also holds good fundamentals for magick in general
  • I wasted my full moon on a i don’t know what.

    By Chaos12121
    if I could cast a spell for a less boring book, I would unfortunately, there is no spells that told me how to do that in this five minute rush through of a news book. I’m sorry to whoever wrote it, I’m sure you worked hard on it, but I have much better luck spinning a hard boiled egg on my head and quacking at the moon than I do taking any part of this book seriously. Good luck on number two. I’m sure I’ll waste my free reading credits on that one as well.
  • Read only if you’re ready

    By hfnfijnf
    I’ve wanted to learn more and I’m glad I chose this book as a beginner
  • cool stuff :)

    By 9013515
    cool stuff :)
  • Great information

    By Dre2Trill28
    Interesting spell works that can be beneficial for your life without you harming someone else
  • Thank you for the info‼️

    By Willb96!
    Very straightforward and easy to understand.
  • Hoodoo

    By Jacobi22
    I loved this book.
  • 1/29/23

    By Ariié
    This was an amazing book for beginners that wanna dive into spirituality and tuning into the power you possess!! Lovely 5/5
  • Loved Every Single Page

    By virgogoddesss
    For someone who is just starting out on this journey I have to say this book gave me the clarification(s) and guidance I needed to start learning more about the parts of me I tried to hide from myself. If I could give this book 10 stars I would and will definitely recommend it to whoever else I know that is just starting out on their hoodoo journey .