Faking The Game - Claudia Burgoa

Faking The Game

By Claudia Burgoa

  • Release Date: 2022-03-22
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
Score: 4.5
From 49 Ratings


From USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Claudia Burgoa comes this fake-relationship-office romance that’ll leave readers laughing and swooning!

What happens when the guy who’s afraid of love finds himself in it?

Know what they say about never mixing business with pleasure? I thought it was dumb.
The one about never sleeping with your boss? 
I ignored it, too. 
I blame Aslan Spearman, the boss
He’s a wealthy playboy who doesn’t believe in happily ever after. 
He’s demanding, a workaholic, and a cynical…jerk
He’d rather have a root canal than be in a romantic relationship. 
Do you want to know a secret? I think he’s afraid of love. 
So when he has to go to the Spearman family reunion in Hawaii with his girlfriend, he’s in big trouble. 
That’s what happens when you lie to your family about your relationship status. 
It wasn’t important—until now.
What does he do?
He comes to me, his VP of Operations and right hand for assistance. 
After all, I’m a problem solver. 
Except my personal life is complete chaos.
So we make a deal. I’ll be his girlfriend if he helps me solve my problems. 
It’s a win-win situation, right?
I mean, how hard can it be?
It’s not like I plan to fall in love.


  • Faking it till it’s real

    By LisanneH
    Aslan (he’s the guy) creates a fake girlfriend so he can be a shallow player (pass). He’s got issues. So does Keaton (his employee, friend and fellow hot mess). They strike a deal so she can attend his family reunion in Hawaii. Faking it til it’s real…

    By 95one
    Claudia Burgoa is the queen of family sagas! Every time I read Claudia Burgoa’s family romance books, I know I am in for an emotional rollercoaster and the story will be salacious with an engrossing love story and interesting plots. FAKING THE GAME is the first book in the Paradise Bay series. This story is fun, witty banter, embarrassing hilarious situations, and moments of heartbreak. And the characters? OMG! I found myself at times laughing and other times swooning over the very handsome, tall, demanding, and sexy Aslan Spearman. Aslan Spearman is the triplet brother of Gatsby and Lysander, and he has other brothers and sisters who were thoroughly entertaining. This is Aslan Spearman and Keaton Nealy’s story. Aslan is a billionaire who is a playboy, most eligible bachelor in San Francisco, workaholic, cynical, the CEO of Spearman LP, and don’t want a committed relationship. There is a reason why after what he went through, but actually he is very charismatic, charming, uses facetious remarks, and definitely not ready to fall in love. Keaton is very smart, VP of Operations for Spearman LP and confidant to Aslan, but she has family problems of her own and no time for a love life. Aslan’s mother is constantly badgering him about getting married. His mother Dawn is a real hoot! The Spearman’s are having a family reunion in Hawaii, and Aslan HAS to attend with his factitious girlfriend. So he asks Keaton to be his fake girlfriend. With the plan hatched, it will be fake kisses and touches in front of the family and the rules are no sex! But will it lead to very real and sexy times in the bedroom? That’s what they agreed to, so why does it feel so real? Their relationship isn’t real, but what happens when the lines become blurred and you don’t know what is true and what is false? Could what Keaton and Aslan share turn into something real? Or is it all actually…fake? Well, read this amazing story. This slow building romance is packed with so much sexual tension, and the book left me wonderfully content at its conclusion. I absolutely LOVED this couple! Claudia Burgoa seamlessly blended lightness with tension and just the right amount of angst.
  • Great book

    By Slimleak
    Aslan is billionaire who has never found love before. His mother talked to him about not having a girlfriend to take to the family reunion. He asked VP of Operation Keaton to be his fake girlfriend . The two match up because they kind of have the hots for each other. Can fake when you already like turn in the real thing . Check out and see what will happen next Edit
  • Great new series

    By Laura__F
    Every new series by Claudia Burgoa is always soooo good! I am already loving these new Spearman’s and it’s only just started. This book is so much fun. I loved the banter and the connection. I loved how everyone feels like family even when they’re not blood related. On a CB angst scale, this one is pretty light but there’s still some because it wouldn’t be CB if there was none. I’m so excited to get to know this family more!
  • Great new series

    By Cheryl33610
    A brand new series by Claudia Burgoa…and this gal is a happy camper! For longtime readers, we are introduced to a new branch of the Spearman family…cousins of Jackson, Alex and company. We start off with oldest brother, Aslan. Well, one of the oldest, since he’s a triplet! He and his siblings are all named for favorite literary characters or authors of their parents…which is super fun and different. He’s the guy who takes care of others, doesn’t believe in love for himself after a very bad breakup, and avoids his lovely but matchmaking mother at all costs. Keaton has worked with Aslan for years, isn’t afraid to tease him or stand up to him, and has a teeny bit of a crush on him. But it’s nothing she’s willing to act upon, considering she’s barely treading water with a sick mother, an angry teenaged sister and mountains of debt (not of her own making) But he needs a fake girlfriend for a family reunion, she volunteers and we all know what happens next. But it’s the journey from fake to real that is so much fun. Especially when the confirmed bachelor is catching…or realizing feelings…for his coworker and friend. Faking The Game is funny, steamy, sweet and engaging…and I loved it!
  • Loved it!

    By Hmitch76
    Faking The Game was a lot of fun to read. It’s about Aslan Spearman (The other Spearman’s cousin) and his CEO Keaton Nealy. Aslan is one of the oldest in his large family (He’s a triplet). His extended family is hosting a family reunion in Hawaii and Aslan needs a girlfriend ASAP. He has told his mother that he has had one for the last year and she expects to meet her at this reunion. Who better to be his fake girlfriend than his right hand woman, Keaton? Keaton has a lot on her plate. Her mother is in an assisted living facility, so she’s raising/supporting her younger sister. Her mother also left her with a lot of debt that needs to be paid in order to keep the house. Aslan makes Keaton an offer she can’t refuse. He will pay her to go to Hawaii with him as his girlfriend. While they are just pretending to be together, Aslan falls in love. Now he just needs to get Keaton on the same page. Their witty banter with each other and Aslan’s family made this book fun to read. The writing is so smooth that the story flew by quickly. I’m so happy that Claudia introduced us to more Spearman’s. And there’s a lot of them, so hopefully each of Aslan’s siblings will also get a story. Great story. Highly recommend.
  • Fantastic Fake Relationship Romance

    By Yoli277
    Welcome to Paradise Bay where there’s a beautiful family owned winery, the wine is flowing and so are the hilarious family dynamics, romance and entertainment. I was beyond excited to be introduced to the extended members on the Spearman family. If you’ve read and loved Jason, Jackson, June and Alex Spearmans’(Alex is my all time favorite) books as much as I did, then you will most definitely love their cousins. Claudia Burgoa starts off this brand new series with Aslan Spearman’s book and Faking The Game is a good one! Aslan Spearman is a billionaire playboy with a jaded opinion on love and relationships. When his overbearing mother(she’s a funny riot) harasses him about bringing his “girlfriend” to the Spearman family reunion in Hawaii, this is the perfect opportunity for him to ask his gorgeous and smart VP of Operations, Keaton Nealy to pose as his fake girlfriend. It seems like a good idea considering he’s been crushing on her for a while. Keaton has a lot going on in her personal life and not in a good way. At this point, what does she have to lose by pretending to be her boss’s girlfriend. And yep, she has the major HOTS for Aslan. I don’t blame her as he has the Spearman charm and even though he can be a bit cynical at times and demanding, it doesn’t take away the fact that he’s utterly irresistible and very swoon worthy. I was laughing out loud a lot at Aslan and Keaton’s snarky and funny interactions. I could definitely feel the heat and chemistry stirring between them. And when all of that combustible sexual tension is released, it’s worth it. They also have some endearing and touching moments that made my heart happy and they’re perfect for each other. Aslan’s brothers and sisters are a fantastic addition to the storyline, I’m so invested in this family and I’m looking forward to reading their future books.