The Alpha's Mate: Book 1 - Bella Lore

The Alpha's Mate: Book 1

By Bella Lore

  • Release Date: 2022-01-31
  • Genre: Epic
Score: 3.5
From 138 Ratings


As an Omega, 17-year-old Sarah is used to being at the bottom of the pecking order, even in her new pack and new high school. But her usually-boring life changes when she turns 18. She expects to shift—and nothing happens. 

Now, as if being an Omega isn’t bad enough, Sarah is also human.

But Sarah, to her surprise, soon finds her mate: in the pack’s handsome and compassionate Alpha. And the lowly Omega finds herself rocketing to the top of her pack’s status as the new Luna.

Just as it seems that life is finally going her way, Sarah learns of a terrible betrayal that results in tragic death, exile, and upheaval of what should have been her storybook ending…

Or does it?


  • WOW!

    By Mama Brea
    Although there are very MINIMAL typos, it was nearly impossible for me to stop reading. I started reading on June 30th, and finished it July 1st. The storyline is AMAZING, and the plot twists were unseen! During my read, I was able to tap into the characters emotions during troubling times, which is so hard to do, but so easy when the writing is portrayed properly! I love this book and can’t wait to finish the rest of the series ❤️
  • The Alphas mate book 1

    By Huff51
    This is a very good book
  • Good title

    By SharonRenee330
    It moves way to fast. It’s not horrible and the story line as potential but there is no pause no break. They didn’t even get to try to be happy. Not even a day after her “mate” dies she jumps in the arms of another man.
  • Feels like someone with severe ADHD wrote this…

    By Kat96720
    So wow! One minute there’s a sad omega girl, then she’s bullied, then she’s mated to an alpha who promptly dies then she’s powerful and she meets a new guy with powerful bunny fur and blah blah blah…there’s no descriptions in between each event; just bam bam bam there it is! Makes no sense..