Cast the First Scone - Wendy Meadows

Cast the First Scone

By Wendy Meadows

  • Release Date: 2022-01-25
  • Genre: Cozy


Stranded and snowed-in, a murderer walks among them…

Lost and struggling after her retirement from the Force, detective Rita Knight hopes that escaping to a quiet life with her boyfriend Billy is exactly the thing she needs to move on and reinvent herself. But when a trip to a remote snow lodge deep in the wilderness of Maine ends with a gruesome murder, it seems that her old life won't let her get away so easily.

Wading into a deadly mystery and cut off from the outside world by a vicious snowstorm, Rita and her twin sister Rhonda must use all of their cunning to unravel the dark secrets of the guests around them. But it won't be that easy. As cracks start to appear in Rita's relationship with Billy, she's faced with difficult choices about her future that threaten to cloud her vision and sabotage the investigation.

Things only get worse when Rhonda falls ill. Forced to solve the case all on her own, Rita is prepared to do whatever it takes to bring one last killer to justice – even if that means venturing head-first into a deadly snowstorm…Can Rita tack down the killer, or will her emotions blind her to the truth? And can she bear to let Billy walk out of her life forever?

Combining a hair-raising murder mystery with a beautiful wintery backdrop and a seasoned sleuth, Cast the First Scone is perfect for readers looking to get cozy and dive into their next head-scratching who-dun-it.