Broken Wings - Chelle Bliss

Broken Wings

By Chelle Bliss

  • Release Date: 2022-10-04
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 170 Ratings


Logan “Crow” Taylor had every intention of keeping his nose clean after gaining his freedom and rejoining his motorcycle club. But when the rough and rowdy biker crosses paths with a single mother in need of help and his protection, he can’t turn his back and walk away.


  • Amazing

    By MissyRNNC
    This is the most amazing book and author I have ever read. The story and plot is so simple, day to day life. But somehow the story is so raw and real. Two lost souls meet by chance then heal together. Crow and Birdie are the most likable characters. And this story just unfolds unexpectedly, but exactly was you hope it will end. Beautiful.
  • Loved!

    By Rinsky13
    I love Chelle’s books, first and foremost. And I love this addition to this series. Crow and Birdie both feel a bit broken, but when they meet, they end up healing each other, along with her daughter. I loved how they grew together, I love the MC, I just loved it all!
  • Loved Crow and Birdie

    By Jenna1129
    Broken Wings - Open Road #3, Can be read as a standalone I loved everything about this story! Definitely my favorite in this series so far. Broken Wings gives us Crow and Bridie and their story is about love with second chances in life. We first met Crow in MOI Heatwave - Mammoth and Tamara's books but it's not vital to read those prior, but I definitely recommend those books! Crow is discovering himself after serving his time and Birdie, a struggling single mom. A chance meeting with Crow and his being willing to help grows a relationship neither were expecting. Birdie's daughter Mia really brought out some cuteness to the story and I couldn't help but smile while reading about her. A great addition to this series and a very enjoyable and entertaining book!
  • Broken Wings

    By Pad123gamer
    Omg I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this book. (I stopped reading another book just so I could start this one). I love Chelle Bliss and how she writes, the real people she introduces us to and the wonderful real story she invites us to share. The love between Birdie and Crow and Mia is so special. What a wonderful book.
  • WOW!!! Fantastic Romance, love this series

    By threers
    Broken Wings was such an inspirational read. I didn't open the book hoping for inspiration. I just wanted a great escape. Chelle Bliss gave me so much more. A day after finishing; I am still not ready to move on to another book. I am okay with that. Crow's past broke my heart. He was so lost as he walked away from prison. He was so lost as he tried to adapt. He had lost seven years for defending another and in that time lost himself. I found myself hooked on his journey of survival and a better future. Crow had me flying through the pages. Birdie had me soaring. Birdie is a survivor out of necessity. A single mom and all alone, she struggles daily, hourly to do what is right for Mia and herself. She struggles with debilitating migraines that has her falling into Crow's path. I do love a story where a couple just clicks. That means that I really loved Broken Wings. Crow steps out of his comfort zone to help a panicking Mia. Crow stays by her side as Birdie is taken to the hospital. The dynamic between Crow and Mia creates so many emotions. Crow, Birdie, and Mia are the family that we should all want. Love, compassion, and unquestionable support make for the most amazing happily ever after.
  • “I can dream about a future because of you.”

    By Romance213
    Crow is a kind, thoughtful, and introspective man who felt at peace with his decision to be there for Birdie and Mia. He would never consider himself a hero but in Mia’s eyes, he saved her mom and made her feel safe when she was very afraid. He even made sure Mia had her favorite stuffed giraffe to keep her company on the way to the hospital. Everyone deserves a second chance but Crow never thought two angels would appear out of nowhere who would change his life forever!! Somehow, he was now their protector, friend and confidant, and he definitely needed them as much as they needed him. Crow fit into their world perfectly, as if he was always meant to be there. Was this to be his future? Could he even hope for a happy ending? Mia was at a crossroads in her life and she couldn’t have asked for a better man than Crow to take her hand and reassure her that everything would be all right. She had a hard time trusting people but her heart told her to take a chance with her shy and unassuming hero. Their story is passionate, uplifting and full of tender moments as Crow and Birdie celebrate with a very happy ending as they start their life together!!
  • beautiful story about redemption

    By Renavoo
    Finally, Crow's story! And it was worth the wait. Crow was just released from jail for killing someone accidentally who was bullying some young kids. I loves Chelle Bliss' realistic view of all the darker aspects of what a jail sentence means to a person's life. But his innate goodness and wonderful way of interacting with Birdie and her daughter Mia made my heart explode. Their relationship was beautiful (and I mean the entire family) and it was a story that had me rooting from the beginning for their HEA. And then add in all the club members, both those who we saw before and those who we see in the future. I can't wait for the next installment!