Egyptian Tantra: Awaken to Ecstasy with Ankh Breathwork - Kiya Ankara

Egyptian Tantra: Awaken to Ecstasy with Ankh Breathwork

By Kiya Ankara

  • Release Date: 2021-10-05
  • Genre: Spirituality
Score: 5
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Tantra is a path uniting sex, love, and spirituality into one. Few people know there was once an Egyptian form of tantra. Ultimately hidden by those that understood its power, it became a secret teaching shared only with the chosen few - until now.

This short book carries a powerful tantric teaching for our time. Join us on a treasure hunt as we dust off ancient Egyptian artworks and hieroglyphs. Through them, we reveal the secret tantric wisdom left behind. When examined through the lens of tantra, they unveil incredible teachings and practices. These can be used by anyone to enter states of bliss, ecstasy, and union.

Most significantly, they reveal how to work with the Ankh as a tantric breathwork practice. Tantric breathwork uses conscious breath techniques to activate primal life-force energy, enabling you to rise into expanded states.

The Ankh represents the unity of masculine and feminine, but it is far more than that. It is also a map of energy pathways in and around the human body. Ankh breathwork helps you activate aliveness through those pathways, using breath, movement, and visualization. In doing so, you raise life-force energy through the body. In doing so, you can enter higher states - with yourself, your partner, and the universe.

In this book, you’ll learn how to explore Ankh Breathwork as a tantric practice. Whether single or with a partner, this practice can later be mapped onto love-making, to elevate you and your beloved into realms of super-connection.

As Isis - goddess of magic and healing says:

‘These tantric teachings transcend all cultures and nationalities. They are timeless teachings that are everyone’s birth-right to receive.’

Ankh Breathwork can transform lives and bring about an evolution in living, loving, and being.

Use it to open to energy.

Play with it to Activate.

Breathe into it to Awaken

& Expand into Ecstasy.

This book paves the way for the full transmission: ‘Egyptian Tantric Secrets’, which will launch later this year.