Email Management Using Gmail: Getting Things Done by Decluttering and Organizing Your Inbox With Email Organization Tips for Business and Home - Ceri Clark

Email Management Using Gmail: Getting Things Done by Decluttering and Organizing Your Inbox With Email Organization Tips for Business and Home

By Ceri Clark

  • Release Date: 2022-02-21
  • Genre: Software


Are you drowning in too many emails? Are you spending too much time everyday sorting and dealing with your inbox? This second edition of Email Management Using Gmail is a practical guide for sorting out your emails.

These step-by-step instructions cover labels, filters and the great spam protection that Gmail provides. Whatever your priorities, the strategies in this book will help you to save time. This guide is all about getting it done, sorted and out of the way.

Chapters you will find in this book:
Quick-Start Guide for already full inboxes - How to declutter an already full inbox - fast.Sending and Receiving emails - Find out how to make your emails really pop with formatting options while learning about discussions, deleting emails, composing, replying and forwarding. Also includes adding links, a signature, using spell check, and email etiquette.Your Contacts - Learn how to use Contacts, how to add, edit, delete and restore contacts, star your contacts and group them using labels. This chapter also includes the import, export and printing of your contacts.Email Organization with Labels - Organize your email with labels. Discover how to apply, create, customize, edit and remove them.Filters and Blocked Addresses - Automate your organization by creating and editing filters. Learn how to delete them but also share them with friends. Block email addresses to stop receiving unwanted email.Searching for, and in, Emails - Uncover Google's advanced search capabilities within Gmail itself. Find emails with an attachment and search through your chat conversations. This chapter also covers searching by size, by date, and even sorting by newest or oldest emails.Keeping Your Email Under Control - This chapter covers strategies for time management including the prioritization of emails. Learn about starring emails, replying to messages, using templates, the inbox tabs, filters with labels, filter messages like these and how to unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters.Spams, Scams and Phishing - Recognize spam, scams and phishing emails and how to deal with those types of emails. This chapter will also show you how to only get emails from people in your address book in your inbox.Inbox Views - Find about the different ways to view your inbox to make you work more efficiently including display density (layout), Google's Categories and other inbox styles.Creating Space in Your Email Account - Find emails with large attachments, converting or removing files and more advice on creating space.Advanced Options - Discover Gmail's useful advanced options in their settings, which include Auto-advance, Templates, Custom keyboard shortcuts and the Unread messages icon.Frequently Asked QuestionsQuestions covered here include;where to go to login to Gmail and Contacts,what to do if you lose your password,how to change your password,is a particular browser required to use Gmail?how to print email,how to remove the 'extra' inboxes like updates, social and promotions,how to remove email addresses when replying to all,increasing the size of the text in browsers,adding images to emails,how to login if someone else is already signed in to Gmail on your browser,and how do I add my Gmail account to Outlook?