The Science of Likability - Patrick King

The Science of Likability

By Patrick King

  • Release Date: 2022-02-08
  • Genre: Psychology


100% scientifically-proven ways to make friends quickly, turn enemies into friends, gain trust, and be flat-out likable.
Utilize the most interesting, shocking, and counterintuitive findings in psychological science to simply make people want to be around you.The Science of Likability takes over 67 seminal scientific and psychological studies and breaks them down into real, usable guidelines and tips to create the presence you have always wanted. Every piece of advice in this book to increase your social standing and likability factor is 100% backed by in-depth, peer-reviewed research, and it goes far beyond simple common sense and intuition.
Learn how to subconsciously make yourself likable, trustworthy, and intelligent.
You can get a new haircut and wardrobe, and you even learn knock-knock jokes. But likability is something more. It's subconscious, and it's about the small signs that signal our brains to let their guards down, seek others out, and embrace them. We know what to do if we want to make someone hate us - we now also know what to do to become someone's favorite person.
Understand what makes people tick, and strategically give it to them.
There are seminal studies from (in)famous researchers such as Sigmund Freud, Ivan Pavlov, Stanley Schachter, and Daniel Goleman, but also the most up-to-date discoveries from 2022 - all insightful, analytical, sometimes surprising, but most importantly effective and actionable. Pair that with the insight and human intelligence factor of bestselling author and social skills coach Patrick King, and you have a guide that can be read equally for education as for helpful, real advice. Patrick's writing draws of a variety of sources, from scientific research, academic experience, coaching, and real life experience.

How to take advantage of people's memories for your sense of charm.

The power of equity in relationships and friendships.

A literal formula for "friendship chemistry."

The real way to use eye contact to build trust.

Why tripping and being vulnerable in front of people is positive.

Universal definitions of charisma, wit, and humor - seriously. Universal.

How to look at, and touch someone effectively to generate attraction.

Being likable unlocks the doors to everything you want in life.
A better career? You better believe that the people with the most promotions and highest salaries aren't just the most qualified. Better love life? Being likable makes you a potential love interest to anyone you want. Better relationships and friendships? Not only that, but you open the door to people wanting to be friends with you. Likability is the hidden force that makes people appear to be lucky in life and receive more opportunities than they know what to do with. Likability drives us forward, not intelligence or luck.