Drake - Sawyer Bennett


By Sawyer Bennett

  • Release Date: 2023-01-03
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 246 Ratings


Drake McGinn turned his back on hockey after the league betrayed him. Will the Titans be his chance to clear his name and take back the career he once loved? After I made the decision to divorce, my ex-wife set out on a smear campaign against me, telling anyone who would listen that I was betting on hockey and throwing games. It wasn’t surprising that my ex told the lies, but the fact that the media, league, and fans chose to believe her baseless claims was unforgivable. I walked away from it all and never looked back. Having settled into life as a single dad to three boys, I’m content. I have more money than I could ever need, and plenty of time to do whatever I want, whenever I want, and whoever I want. So when Brienne Norcross, the team owner for the Pittsburgh Titans, shows up at my house with a job offer, I have no problem turning her down. But the no-nonsense billionaire, with sinfully seductive red lips and killer heels that would look hot as hell thrown over my shoulders, won’t take “no” for an answer. Now I need to find balance between hockey, my boys, and the explosive chemistry Brienne and I can no longer deny. A cast-off hockey player and the league’s only female team owner? I can think of a million reasons why it could never work but can’t bring myself to care about a single one of them. Game on.


  • I need more

    By Ladybug25
    This was a great story, but I need more to the ending or an epilogue. It left more wanting…more curiosity of how their relationship grows. I also wanted/expected a chapter of when the Titians played the Wolves. I was left disappointed when we didn’t get a chapter or two of Drake’s interaction with his old team or Brienne’s. I feel like with as much write up about what he has to prove to his old team, management, and the fact Brienne was championing him as well, not including a chapter or two of this left part of Drake’s story seem unfinished.
  • Amazing installment to this fantastic series

    By KindleKat64
    I listened to this audiobook and let me just say this: Wow! Aidan and Maxine’s narration was incredible and they totally nailed Drake and Brienne’s characters. I enjoy both of these voice actors so much! It was such a pleasure listening to this book. The story is phenomenal and everything I was hoping for from this sexy father of 3 hockey goalie and the brilliant and beautiful team owner for the Titans. They are scorching together and their relationship morphs into everything wonderful without any effort at all. I must say I’ve already adopted the “wild things assemble” for my grandkids. Love Drake’s relationship with his 3 boys! Such a great story. I hope his sister gets a book and a Titan.
  • Ohmigod!!!

    By LCANana
    I’ve read all these books and to me they get better with each one. Highly recommend
  • Drake and brianne

    By Srosenthal
    I received a complimentary early release e-book prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review. This is the book we have all been waiting for and it was different than I was expecting. Not in a bad way but I found it a bit darker than the other books in the series. At times I kind of hated Drake and if I had been me, I would have dumped him, but Brienne really falls for the guy and gives him so many chances. Drake and Brienne have both been featured throughout this series, from the very first book. This was a great opportunity to get in their heads and really get to know each character. Both characters have been devastated and their hearts are pretty broken. Brienne lost her beloved brother, Adam. Drake lost the wife he married to drugs, his reputation and job to rumors his ex-started about him. Brielle had lots of money, a hockey team and a company to run while Drake had his three sons, a sister and a mother. Both are really hiding from life. Brienne uses her work and Drake uses his sons. Honestly, I thought they both could use a good therapist. But instead, they decide to distract each other with a very hot and secret fling. I felt this story was much darker than the other books in the series. One reason was these two are in so much pain and instead of facing it they have hidden from it and tried to move on. I loved Brienne. She is a very strong and independent woman. She has her first friend in Jenna, and I watched her get involved with other women who we met in other books. Drake at times treats her beyond badly. He is rude and mean and snippy and even disrespectful. I liked that when that happens, she freezes Drake out and chooses not to ignore it. But I felt that the things he said and did were pretty awful and I would have not forgiven him. But the heart wants what it wants and so we get to see inside Brienne's heart and it's just so huge and forgiving. I enjoyed this story but if Drake had been sitting here in living room, I would have given him a good kick because he was a huge jerk to Brienne. Brienne is such a warm and wonderful woman while also being independent and strong. She really is this huge inspiration and I absolutely adored her.
  • Two Powerhouses Collide

    By Agent$$$$
    Oooh, WOW! I always had a feeling it would eventually come down to two powerhouses in a tangle! The chemistry between Drake and Brienne is electrifying! Brienne, the tenacious owner of the Pittsburg Titans, is doing everything within her power to do the seemingly impossible—create a team with a bunch of “rejects”, “retired”, “wronged”, and new hockey players after suffering an unfathomable loss. One of the best former players in the league, but also the one with the biggest chip on his shoulder, stormed out of his initial meeting with Brienne. But Brienne isn’t easily pushed to the side… Drake, former NHL player, was wronged by the league he devoted his life to. So he’s not willing to take a chance on the league as he has trust issues and doubts. Brienne isn’t giving up and she’s determined to entice Drake into playing for the Titans. While they both tackle their grief and trust issues, they find they can’t deny that they actually like each other. I absolutely loved Drake, his rambunctious boys, and Brienne! I’ve never read a Sawyer Bennett novel I didn’t love! I highly recommend this novel AND the series. You won’t be disappointed! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
  • Drake and Brienne…..your story is my kryptonite!

    By Judy Hartley
    Drake and Brienne…..your story is my kryptonite! I’ve been waiting for this particular story from the very beginning. Why? Because I adore this trope. And this one did not disappoint. This forty has everything you need in a fabulous read. Emotion, humor, spicy times, angst and a HEA. This whole series is fabulous bit this one really was a favorite! Can’t wait for more!
  • Loved it!!

    By MegM927
    5 ⭐️ Drake by Sawyer Bennet is the fifth book in the Pittsburgh Titan series and OMG it was so good! This series continues to get better and better with each book more fabulous than the last. Ms. Bennett totally kills it with her incredible imagination and skill. Drake was an amazing hero. He had so many layers to him and I loved seeing each one that was revealed. But my favorite was Brienne- I have the biggest girl crush on her. She is seriously the epitome of what every heroine should be like-strong yet soft, and sooo fierce. I honestly loved her. The chemistry between the two was pure fire. Watching them fall was so rewarding. This series is truly shaping up to be my absolute favorite from Ms Bennett. I cannot get enough of it and I am so excited to see what’s coming next!
  • All of the Feels

    By Nanatimes8
    I have been looking forward to Drake's story for quite some time and this one DOES NOT DISAPPOINT...the anger, the fear, the want and the need leads Drake to Brienne Norcross. Will Drake be able to let go of the anger he has....can Bre let down all of the walls that she has built to protect her heart. Grab this heartbreaking, yet heartwarming romance and enjoy!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Combustible!

    By Astroyic
    Drake by Sawyer Bennett is the fifth book in the Pittsburgh Titans series and the attraction between these two opposites was my new obsession! I was consumed by Drake McGinn and Brienne Norcross’s story. Their chemistry was hot and I just couldn’t get enough of these two! Drake has just gone through a terrible divorce and after all the lies his ex-wife spread about him, and the press, his team and the league believed, he simply left his lucrative career behind to take care of his three boys. Brienne Norcross the new owner of the Pittsburgh Titans, tracks down Drake and tries once again to convince him to return to the NHL, she is not willing to take no for an answer, because her new team needs him. But what she didn’t count on was the feelings and attraction, that blaze between them. Drake, is quite the alpha male. He is used to taking what he wants and he wants her. Brienne is all about her control. Two opposites that burn for each other after one taste. But when their feelings collide and grow into more, will they be able make it work? What will the press have to say about the only female owner with one of her own players? You will need to read to get all the juicy details! This series just keeps getting better and better. And this book is one of my favorites. It had me smiling and swooning all the way through. This is so freaking hot!
  • Loved it!

    By aretherereallyonlytwo
    Another winning hockey romance from Sawyer Bennett. I couldn’t put it down!!