Truly You - Claudia Burgoa

Truly You

By Claudia Burgoa

  • Release Date: 2023-01-10
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 33 Ratings


I thought I had been through it all. Spoiler alert: I was wrong. After my ex walked out on me and straight into someone else’s arms, I decided to focus on myself. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted out of life, but I was finally looking. I moved to a new town and became the manager of a brewery, where I met Iskander. The chemistry between us was undeniable and we quickly fell into a pattern. We became friends with benefits…lots of benefits. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun in my life. But after one phone call, everything changes. My best friend is fighting for her life. I might become a single mother to a toddler I barely know. I may have to leave Luna Harbor. Iskander signed up for fun and games, not an emotional rollercoaster. Besides, a child is too much to ask. But if that’s true, why can’t he leave me alone? Truly You is an angsty, ugly cry standalone romance full of raw emotions and unconditional love. Claudia Burgoa brings the right amount of heat, desire, and intimacy kink for a truly inspiring romance.


  • Great book

    By 46319
    This book is about Siobhan and Islander how they met and was friend with benefits for 3 years before they realized they had fell in love they had a pregnancy scare and they separated but missed each other and Siobhan sister needed her help so she ran there to his and help her sister. Islander found her and help with sister this book has sad parts but dies have a happy ending
  • Wicked Luna

    By LisanneH
    Back to Luna Harbor… Siobhan is in Luna Harbor to get over her cheating ex. She’s having fun with Iskander. Iskander is back for a month to help out the family (brothers and a sister). He’s not staying. Benefits, no feels. Until life happens (as always). Choices must be made. Decisions must be made. Recommend.
  • Iskander and Siobhan

    By Cheryl33610
    I liked the instant attraction between Islander and Siobhan. I thought maybe I’d get to the level of love I had for the first two books in the series, because I waited so long for their story to be told. Unfortunately, I didn’t. I still enjoyed the book, but the time jump threw me and it was almost like their potential love story was a totally different story altogether. Then again, it sounds like for three years, both MCs were kidding themselves about how serious they were…so maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t watch them together for three years?! It’s a long time to be friends with benefits but never talk about feelings. I usually don’t urge readers to read other books in the series first. Recommend, definitely. But I think Truly You might be one of those times where a little background information into intersecting plot lines might come in handy. Strangely enough, Islander very sudden about face was much more believable to me than some other reviewers. Sometimes it takes losing what you love the most to open your eyes…to loving them the most! Do I think Siobhan maybe should have walked away in those three intervening years? Probably, lol. But then we wouldn’t have watched this emotionally stunted, grumpy man find his one true love. And that right there was worth it to me.
  • Love This Farewell to Luna Harbor

    By BBQ griller
    I absolutely loved Truly You by Claudia Burgoa; it is an friends with benefits females, loving families, and friends, who always support one another? I really story. It is a bittersweet book for me since it is the fourth and final book in her Luna Harbor series. Claudia Burgoa has once again shown that she is an amazing storyteller and has provided her readers with amazing characters. I love that she continues to write the books that I love to read. I love all the characters in Truly You, enjoy love they feel like family! Truly You is an incredible love story, which filled me with a rollercoaster of emotions, and it was impossible to put it down, and I loved every moment on every page. Who does not love hot sexy men, strong how the book is told in the first person from the perspective of the main characters. I love getting the insight and feelings from the different characters. I love the lighter moments where I find myself smiling and laughing out loud. My favorite moments are the ones that pull at my heartstrings that cause me to sigh, as I read the heartbreaking moments. Truly You is filled with heartbreaking and heartwarming moments, and with so much emotion. It is filled with all those things that I have come to love and expect in a love story, Claudia Burgoa did not disappoint, especially with the poignant and bittersweet moments that filled this page turner. Truly You is a story that started as college best friends and roommates between Iskander Cantu, billionaire and owner of his own consulting company and Siobhan Walters, manager for Wicked Luna Brewery and the sports bar. Iskander and Siobhan were first introduced in Maybe It’s You, and I am so happy that they got their own book. Iskander returns home to Luna Harbor to assist with the family’s businesses while his grandfather is receiving treatment for cancer. Siobhan and Iskander agree to have a fling as long as it works for each of them. They initially thought it would only be for several months, where they established ground rules. Instead, their companionship that was based on sex and nothing else lasted for over three years. A plot twist changes things between them and causes them to go their separate ways. Iskander realizes while they are apart that he has real feelings for Siobhan and seeks her out. I love everything that Iskander does for Siobhan, her foster sister, Anya and Anya’s daughter, Rumi. As they get back together following the plot twist, things change between them. I love when both Iskander and Siobhan get real with their true feelings for one another. I love the emotionally charged, gut wrenching dialogue that transpires between the Iskander and his family. I love how Siobhan and Iskander disclose things to each other that they have not shared with anyone before, especially how Iskander felt regarding his mother’s departure and his added responsibility to his siblings. I love all the changes that they are willing to make in their lives to have a life with each other. I love the characters and the family dynamic in Truly You, the characters feel like family and friends. I enjoyed all the interactions between the Cantu siblings especially their teasing that made me laugh. I loved all the characters in Truly You, and I am sad that this was the last book in the series. Who does not love family and friends that always have each other’s backs? I loved catching up with the characters in the series, it felt like a family reunion. I was slightly disappointed that Efren and Myka did not get their own stories, and that the details behind Archer’s death were never revealed. I loved all the bittersweet moments that filled this page turner. I thoroughly enjoyed Truly You, who does not love a love story that starts as a friends with benefits relationship? Highly recommend this incredible love story.
  • Beautiful

    By Slimleak
    Siobhan was coming off a rebound from a break off her wedding when she met Iskander. He took her sex life in a whirlwind. They could not stop. She was working at the Brewery when she was introduced as one of the family member of the family members. . Only to find out the guy would be her boss w who she had such great sex with. As they work the Brewery the story develops Iskander keeps his walls up so no string relationship And that last for three years. Until she get a text from a sister that she need help . Siobhan drop’s everything because she had a bad fight with him so she goes straight to Chicago to help her sister. She quit over voice mailing didn’t takes clothes she was so mad a him. He disrespected. her. Iskander in Luna Harbor can’t figure out why she so mad when ask to find her. There is so much to find out what happened in this
  • Beautiful love story

    By mamagalindo
    Claudia does it again…she brings all the emotions out while reading her amazing words. We first met Iskander and Siobhan in Maybe It’s You; Truly You completes their story. They have an instant attraction that sets the pages on fire. However, there are committed to a no strings attached non-relationship or so they say. Iskander is holding onto some baggage, feels like he is the caretaker for everyone and is scared of getting into a relationship. Siobhan just ended a relationship and is not looking for a commitment. When her sister/best friend needs her, she drops everything to be with her. Their relationship dynamic begins to change but are they both willing to give/take a little? This is a great book that will give you all the feels.