Four Steps to Infinity - William Richards

Four Steps to Infinity

By William Richards

  • Release Date: 2022-04-05
  • Genre: Self-Improvement


Overwhelming Demonstrative Evidence Synopsis 08/06/2021

This document is a full disclosure of experiencing Overwhelming Demonstrative Evidence. This ODE demands a total reinterpretation of consciousness itself and our place in the universe. This first-person disclosure is caveated by deep concerns and reservations regarding the primary objective—to Do No Harm. Meditative instructions along with interpretative guidance are therefore provided to facilitate the reader’s ability to fully self-validate this disclosure and as a result, to subsequently access a more profound meaning and purpose to one’s life.

This simple process of validation begins with the establishment of a clean slate, Tabula Rasa, as originally formulated and described in John Locke’s essay Concerning Human Understanding in 1690 (and dating back further to Aristotle). Subsequent Gestalt Shifts, arising directly from the meditation process and which encompassing the global elements of form, meaning, and value as previously outlined in 1912 by Maxheimer, Wolfgang Köhler, and Kurt Koffka, are sequentially triggered to ever-higher states of being and related conscious awareness.

This resultant new global awareness yields staggering revelations, unveiled at each successive stage in the Gestalt Shifting process, as it builds upon the previous level of understanding. These revelations include answers to (1) The philosophical questions of Why is there both Something and Nothing—being the zero-sum reality of the Yin-Yang of the universe or multiverse itself, (2) Why consciousness is All That Is, and (3) We all are one, differentiated only by the unique programming of our seemingly separate life experiences.