Cannon - Sawyer Bennett


By Sawyer Bennett

  • Release Date: 2023-02-28
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 192 Ratings


Cannon West left his hockey playing days behind to care for his dying wife but has since found success on the other side of the bench. Now, as the youngest head coach in league history, he’s hoping to lead the Pittsburgh Titans to a winning season. The last thing he’s looking for is a relationship, but life sometimes takes us in another direction. The Pittsburgh Titans are still working to move on from the tragic plane crash that forever changed the landscape of their organization. Having lost my wife, I know all about grief and the guilt of survival which makes me uniquely equipped to take this team to the next level. From the very first time I stepped inside the Titans’ arena, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. New to town, I’m still establishing my routine, but I have the most important aspect under control—the coffee shop where I stop on my way to the arena every morning. A strong cup of java and the gorgeous manager who I can’t help but chat up is quickly becoming my favorite way to start the day. But no matter how much I enjoy the blush that stains Ava Cavanaugh’s cheeks with my admittedly awkward attempt at flirting, I know it will never be more than brazen banter with a new friend. My job consumes almost all my time, and I know firsthand what that level of commitment can do to a relationship. That doesn’t mean I’m not open to some fun. My career comes first, but Ava understands my boundaries. The only problem is that once I give into her temptation, the rules I set for myself become blurred, and my mixed signals hurt Ava—the one thing I promised I wouldn’t do. I’ve put myself in what seems to be an untenable situation, but I’ve faced those before. Now I need to find the strength to move past my fears, or risk losing my second chance at love with the woman who has stolen my heart.


  • Opposites Attract

    By Agent$$$$
    At one time, Cannon West was a superstar NHL hockey player, but all that came to an abrupt end when his wife was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. He left hockey to care for his wife until she passed. After grieving the lost of his first love, he was offered the chance of a lifetime—to become the youngest head coach of an NHL team. He readily accepted and put ALL of his time into being the best coach a newly assembled team could have, sometimes to the detriment of his personal relationships. Coaching ALWAYS came first, until Cannon meets Ava… Ava Cavanaugh works as the assistant manager of a little coffee shop that Cannon frequents. They flirt, it’s awkward, but cute. Then Cannon finally decides to ask Ava out on a date. While Ava has enjoyed flirting with Cannon, she is NOT looking for a relationship! She is barely getting by, was recently homeless, and jobless. She moved to Tennessee with her then boyfriend. They moved in together and even worked for the same company, different departments, until Ava caught him cheating on her. He got her fired and kicked her out at the same time. So Ava is looking to prove her family wrong and make it in Tennessee and NEVER be dependent on a guy again! That is, until Cannon… Both Ava and Cannon’s past relationships have tainted what could possibly be a forever kind of love. They love the easiness of just BEING together and being able to talk about anything. Ava accepts Cannon and his past and encourages to share stories about his first love, while not feeling threatened. Cannon loves Ava’s determination to make it on her own. While Ava barely has enough money to buy groceries, Cannon is a millionaire. Their passion, love, and caring is what most people strive for. I know I wish I had a Cannon! I also loved that Ava knew nothing about hockey, but fit right in with all the other gals. But all their combustible moments get pushed aside when Cannon’s ex mother in law shows up and makes Cannon feel so guilty for moving on, that he pushes Ava away. I LOVED this novel! It was deeper than the other novels in this series, but very relatable. I highly recommend this novel. I read a gifted copy of this novel and all opinions stated are my own. Excellent read!!!
  • Another great read!

    By april R H
    Titan head coach meets his match in this sweet and sexy romance. Cannon and Ava are such fantastic characters and their chemistry is off the charts. I just couldn’t get enough of the witty and sexy banter. This is definitely one of my favorites of the Titan series!!
  • Excited for the next installment in the Pittsburgh series!

    By Samantha B. Sokol
    Excited for the next installment in the Pittsburgh series! This book focuses on the new coach of the team, Cannon, rather than a player. Something I love from Sawyer is that she intertwines the coaches and staff within the players for these books and we see different aspects of an organization than just a player’s POV. Cannon is focuses on his career after giving up his hockey career to take care of his dying wife and isn’t interested in a relationship or marriage ever again. He meets Ava, the barista at his local coffee shop, and while he’s attracted to her, she never gives him the time of day and doesn’t really know who he is, until one day he shoots his shot, and she says yes. It’s there that we get to know Ava and how she relocated to the city for a guy and a job, and both ended up falling through so she’s just trying to make ends meet at this point, and saying yes to Cannon starts a chain of events in her life that puts her back in the upswing of her life. My heart broke for Cannon and the range of emotions he goes through throughout the book, and I felt the girl power for Ava in her time of need in the storyline as well. So glad the book ended how it did and I can’t wait to see who’s next in this series! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Cannon is everything!!

    By KindleKat64
    OMG this series just keeps getting better and better which I didn’t think was possible since I have loved each and every book so much so far. But this one with Cannon West just really pulled me in emotionally from beginning to end. I love the relationship between Cannon and Ava especially how Cannon grows emotionally and relationship-wise with and because of Ava. He is so strong to have gone through what he went through and how that changed his life and to see him come through it all and open his heart to love again with Ava is just so satisfying. Ava is amazing. She had nothing when Cannon meets her because of her rotten ex but she had spirit and wasn’t letting it get her down. She had a hard time at first letting Cannon take care of her but they just fit and things progress nicely with them. They hit a bump there for a short while but luckily they didn’t give up on each other. My heart is so full from their emotional, sweet, and steamy love story. Another Stanley Cup winner with this one Sawyer Bennett!!!
  • All of the feels for Cannon and Ava

    By Nanatimes8
    An all of the feels romance between Cannon and Ava but the past seems to haunt them both leaving them afraid of the pain of heartbreak…will Cannon be able to put his past behind him to find a love of a lifetime with Ava or does he lose it all. Loved it!!!❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️
  • Captivating!

    By Astroyic
    Cannon (Pittsburgh Titans #6) by Sawyer Bennett. Another perfect addition to the Pittsburgh Titan Series. I absolutely loved it. It was perfect, from all the sexiness, to all the love, to the drama. Every single page was filled with perfection. There are so many great moments in this book-twists, turns, love and steam-that it will satisfy any reader! I was captivated from the start, swooning hard and falling for Cannon West as I watched him come to life and lower his walls with Ava. But be forewarned once you start you won’t want to stop reading until the last word. Cannon West left his hockey career behind to take care of his wife when he found out she was dying, he never thought he would get back in the game but now he finds himself as head coach of The Pittsburgh Titans. He isn’t looking for a relationship he doesn’t have time, but as he flirts and chats up the beautiful Barista at the local coffee shop, The Grind that he stops at each morning he realizes he wants more and she is the woman he wants. Cannon West and Ava Cavanaugh’s story is passionate, charming and will have you spellbound. Sawyer Bennett has graced us with yet another stunning romance! I also love the camaraderie of this team and watching them all find their HEA’s. I just can’t get enough!! You don’t want to pass this series up!! I received an early copy and this is my honest review.
  • So good

    By Lbzoza
    Cannon’s story is well done. I love the chemistry between them. I can’t wait for the next story!
  • A captivating hockey romance

    By Anna (Anna’s Bookshelf)
    Cannon is another captivating standalone hockey romance in this author’s Pittsburgh Titans series. As with all of this author’s previous books, Cannon and Ava are lovable characters and possess a lot of depth that makes them so relatable. The character growth is remarkable and the evolution of their relationship is both believable and entertaining. Cannon is gorgeous, driven, tender hearted and intuitive but he avoids relationships given his past and also because of the demands of his job. He is adamant that he has no time for a serious relationship as his job as the head coach is first and dating is second. Ava, too, is hesitant to start a relationship for her own legitimate reasons and strives to be as independent as possible. I loved them both individually and together as a couple. I have read a lot of sports romances, especially hockey ones, but usually the main character is a hockey player. Having the head coach be the male lead and learning what all that entails was absolutely fascinating to me. This novel had a fair amount of kindle melting moments which I enjoyed and a perfect amount of drama. As always, I love the camaraderie amongst the hockey team and getting to see some of the characters from the previous books. The author has written each novel in this series so that they can be read as standalones and in any order without spoilers. So if this your first book by this author or your 20th, you will love Cannon and Ava’s story!
  • Ava and cannon

    By Srosenthal
    I received a complimentary early release e-book prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review. This is Cannon West's story. He is the head coach and a widow who lost his wife 9 years before when she died of Cancer. He has pretty much moved on but as head coach, he is extremely busy and has no time for romance. He meets Ava at a coffee shop, and he ends up in a relationship with her. But it's very casual. This book has a lot of sex scenes, and they are really hot and fun. Throughout the book Cannon says he just wants casual, but he also cannot resist the very sexy Ava. I loved how open Ava was and how laid back she was. She was the perfect person for Cannon whose career is very stressful and as the story progresses Cannon lets down his walls for her. There is a bit of drama as Cannon's mother-in-law has not really recovered from her daughter's death. This is a story about love, friendship, forgiving yourself and moving on. It was a wonderful second chance for love for Cannon and Ava was absolutely awesome.