Just Another Spark - Carly Phillips

Just Another Spark

By Carly Phillips

  • Release Date: 2023-01-17
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 146 Ratings


He’s a rock star wanted by millions.
She’s a wife willing to fight for their love.

Rock star Dash Kingston is finishing the last leg of his band’s U.S. tour. Exhausted and ready to be home, he can’t wait to see his girl. Time zones, show times, and the demands of his career have made married life harder than expected. Even knowing the rock star life wouldn’t make their relationship easy.

Cassidy Kingston thought she was ready to handle being married to a man idolized by women everywhere. She believes in their love even though the separations when the band is on tour can be torture. But the paparazzi and media don’t make their time apart easier and the gossip headlines hit her harder than they should. She trusts her husband even if she misses him like crazy.

When rumors surface that Dash is seeing someone, what’s a girl to do? Surprise her husband and remind him of what he’s been missing. Except you know what they say about the best laid plans.


  • I loved this story and revisiting some favorite characters!

    By Crystal's Book World
    I loved this short story by Carly Phillips. We get to revisit Dash and Cassidy! They have been a favorite of mine. And to see what they have been up to, it was a huge plus!! I could not get over how much time has passed, but Dash and Cassidy are struggling a bit. You still can feel their love for each other. But being apart has a sense of a small dash of doubt creeping in for these two. I continued to root for Dash and Cassidy (and continued to swoon over Dash) through and through. Just Another Spark is a nostalgic story taking you back through memory lane and going through the bumps of life.
  • Love those glimpses into the future!

    By Cheryl SDS
    This is book 7.5 in The Kingston Family series, a Just One Spark short story and it features Dash and Cassidy. He’s still touring and she’s at home listening to trashy gossip about her supposedly cheating husband. She KNOWS he’d never do it but that doesn’t make it any easier to hear. Read this amazing peak into Dash and Cassidy’s future! You will NOT regret it!
  • More Cassidy & Dash

    By Newberryd
    A fun little novella to give us more of Cassidy and Dash’s story. We get a peak at how things are going after the wedding and both have full time careers. It’s a balancing act that many new couples go through. The sparks are still flying! You can read the original story “Just One Spark” to see how they met. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Great short story

    By Cheryl33610
    Just Another Spark features fan favorites Dash and Cassidy Kingston, the couple from Just One Spark in the Kingston Family series. While reader who enjoyed watching their story unfold the first time around are most likely the target audience, those of us who might have missed that book (raises hand) will also enjoy this little novella of their life, post marriage. I loved Cassidy and her trust in Dash. I got a better handle on her personality than I did on Dash himself, other than the fact that he was a bad boy rock star before they got together. I’ll be going back to read their full story, but I’m glad I got to read this little snippet of them, even if it is a little out of order.
  • Just Another Spark by Carly Phillips

    By R Starchman
    This was a sweet short story about Dash and Cassidy. They settled the fact of them not being able to be together and wanting more time . Also they are going to be parents . A very happy ending .
  • Good to see Dash again

    By charlligirl
    It was so nice visiting with Dash and Cassidy again. Even though circumstances were tense they still managed to make it work. I like that they are both maturing and figuring out what they want and don’t want.
  • Just Another Spark

    By Jen G F
    A*R*C for honest review with no compensation Received from BookSprout Just Another Spark in book 7.5 in the Kingston Family series by Carly Phillips. If you haven’t read Just One Spark…read it as it gives you the back story to this novella. Catching up with Dash and Cassidy is a fun sexy read where the paparazzi are creating havoc in their marriage. Dash is on the final leg of his US music tour and Cassidy is back home working in production a film. Rumors, tears, angst, family support, friends and love..
  • Loved Dash and Cassidy

    By Nola.passionista504
    Just Another Spark is a sassy, sexy, and sweet novella that catches us up on Dash and Cassidy. It’s book 7.5 in The Kingston Family Series, but can be read as a standalone. This quick read was so good I had to go catch up on their love story in Just One Spark. Dash is a Rockstar, and Cassidy is a producer now for K Talent. He’s wrapping up a tour, she’s on set all the time, and the media and paparazzi are making him out to be a playboy rockstar. The rumors, lies and scheming, the lack of time and connection that they are experiencing is putting a small strain on their relationship. But we see them both do what ever it takes to keep that spark going. Them showing each other that eve though life gets in the way, they can make it work. Loved this little quick read.
  • Fun read!

    By 12toot
    This was a fun, short read. It was refreshing to read about a couple who trusted each other and didn’t let outside influences sway their dedication to each other. Dash and Cassidy realized that to keep their relationship as the main focus, they would have to change their priorities.