Mis-Mother - Kate Emerson Forrester


By Kate Emerson Forrester

  • Release Date: 2022-04-22
  • Genre: Parenting


Mis-Mother: Truths About Motherhood Your Mom Never Revealed is a story of survivorship, love, and imperfect mothering spanning 150 years in one crazy family. Our culture both adulates and irrationally blames mothers, obscuring much of the real maternal experience. This secrecy often leads women and men thunderstruck in early parenthood.

Intending to do it "better" than our own parents, we find ourselves reliving and re-enacting the experiences of previous generations. Epigenetic research indicates historical trauma, mental illness, addiction, and peculiar coping styles are passed down through both nurture and nature.

This was my personal experience as a mother when I suddenly understood why my Irish great-great grandmother was referred to as "Mad Mary." With humor, honesty, and historical references, I share my journey and that of my maternal ancestors from wounded soldiers to devoted warriors.

With universal appeal, everyone will recognize elements of their own story in this powerful and poignant memoir.

About the Author

Kate Emerson Forrester is a mother of two and a licensed Clinical Social Worker with thirty years' experience working in child welfare and healthcare, most recently with the University of Washington Medical Center (Seattle) Oncology Team.

She witnessed the stories of families and patients facing life and death scenarios while standing by their side. Writing became her craft and salvation from the tension. This memoir is meant to offer healing to those who suffer, whether within the walls of their homes or the confines of our culture.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit programs treating trauma in children.

Ryan Forrester is a graduate of the University of Washington (Seattle) currently working in the field of elementary education. An artist by avocation, they have enjoyed creating art in all forms since early childhood.