Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction and Certification Study Guide - Daniel John Stine

Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction and Certification Study Guide

By Daniel John Stine

  • Release Date: 2022-05-06
  • Genre: Software


• Reviews PowerPoint user interface and terminology
• Covers the basics and more complex features of PowerPoint
• Presents five key skill areas for learning PowerPoint and passing the exam
• Explains the complete exam process
• Includes embedded videos, and flashcards

Serving as both a training guide for Microsoft PowerPoint and a study guide for the PowerPoint certification exam, Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction and Certification Study Guide is an indispensable resource for PowerPoint users at every level of expertise. Starting with the essentials and building to more complicated steps, each chapter breaks one of five essential PowerPoint skill sets into manageable pieces. These are the exact skills measured by the exam, but the logical skill progression benefits all PowerPoint users and prepares you to create effective and compelling presentations. Concise steps and descriptions make the information easy to follow and remember. Clearly labeled screenshots and images clarify important PowerPoint features without being overwhelming. Those taking the exam will find practical tips on how to locate a testing center, register for the exam, and get the best score possible, along with study materials including embedded video tutorials for every outcome in the book. Whether you are looking to develop your PowerPoint skills or to positively impact your school or work life through certification, Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction and Certification Study Guide can help you do both.

Why certification is important

Microsoft PowerPoint Certification is an easily verifiable way to showcase your willingness to learn new skills and software, and it provides a myriad of other benefits as well. Not only can certification enhance your PowerPoint skills, it can help get you hired, boost academic performance, prepare for the demands of the job, open doors to career opportunities, and be more productive and confident working on projects at school, home, or work. Microsoft PowerPoint (Microsoft 365 Apps and Office 2019) certification is the first step to prove your skill level and open doors to career opportunities.

Outline of the book

Build a strong foundation in PowerPoint and prepare for the exam with this all-in-one manual. In the first chapter, get comfortable with PowerPoint’s user interface and important terminology. A brief review of efficient practices reminds users of valuable keyboard shortcuts and commands. Those interested in taking the exam will learn how to register for the exam and find an exam center, what to expect during the exam, and get information on scoring and how to retake the exam. The subsequent chapters teach you how to independently create presentations using the core skills measured by the Microsoft PowerPoint Certification Exam: manage presentations; manage slides; insert and format text, shapes, and images; insert tables, charts, smartArt, 3D models, and media; and apply transitions and animations. Practice tasks, a self-exam and review questions after each chapter help solidify the skills you learn. Embedded videos, 85 in all, are provided for when you need extra help or learn best by observation.

About the author

Daniel John Stine AIA, IES, CSI, CDT, is a registered architect with over twenty years of experience in the field of architecture. Throughout these years of professional practice, Stine has leveraged many of the Microsoft Office products to organize and manage complex projects. In addition to Microsoft Office certification study guides, Stine has written multiple books on architectural design software, all written using Microsoft Word and published by SDC Publications.

Table of Contents

      Getting Started
1.   Manage Presentations
2.   Manage Slides
3.   Insert and Format Text, Shapes, and Images
4.   Insert Tables, Charts, SmartArt, 3D Models, and Media
5.   Apply Transitions and Animations