Beyond the Wand - Tom Felton

Beyond the Wand

By Tom Felton

  • Release Date: 2022-10-18
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 5
From 98 Ratings



From the magical moments on set as Draco Malfoy to the challenges of growing up in the spotlight, get a backstage pass into Tom Felton’s life on and off the big screen.

Tom Felton’s adolescence was anything but ordinary. His early rise to fame in beloved films like The Borrowers catapulted him into the limelight, but nothing could prepare him for what was to come after he landed the iconic role of the Draco Malfoy, the bleached blonde villain of the Harry Potter movies. For the next ten years, he was at the center of a huge pop culture phenomenon and yet, in between filming, he would go back to being a normal teenager trying to fit into a normal school. 
Speaking with great candor and his signature humor, Tom shares his experience growing up as part of the wizarding world while also trying to navigate the muggle world. He tells stories from his early days in the business like his first acting gig where he was mistaken for fellow blonde child actor Macaulay Culkin and his Harry Potter audition where, in a very Draco-like move, he fudged how well he knew the books the series was based on (not at all). He reflects on his experiences working with cinematic greats such as Alan Rickman, Sir Michael Gambon, Dame Maggie Smith, and Ralph Fiennes (including that awkward Voldemort hug). And, perhaps most poignantly, he discusses the lasting relationships he made over that decade of filming, including with Emma Watson, who started out as a pesky nine-year-old whom he mocked for not knowing what a boom mic was but who soon grew into one of his dearest friends. Then, of course, there are the highs and lows of fame and navigating life after such a momentous and life-changing experience.
Tom Felton’s Beyond the Wand is an entertaining, funny, and poignant must-read for any Harry Potter fan. Prepare to meet a real-life wizard.


  • Fast, Fun Read

    By MelMcJames
    This book was purchased on a whim. While definitely a fan of Harry Potter, I’m not a frequent reader of biographies, nor do I engage in the fandom aside from a love of the books and a great appreciation for the films. All of the Potter info was fun to read, but I really enjoyed getting to know Tom a bit. He is humble and gracious. His struggles are relatable - they are not “huge” by Hollywood standards, but are the kind experienced by everyone. He is an ordinary guy that has had some extraordinary experiences. Worth the read!
  • Magic is forever!

    By beautiful trees
    He is such a talented actor. Your life has taking you a long way. I can’t wait to hear more music. I love his voice. It cheers me up when I am feeling sad. You are so cute when you are young. It reminds me of my younger self. Your music is so good. From , Brianna Mander
  • OMG

    By William P. T.
    Before I started this book, I had had mixed feelings about Tom. A few chapters in, and I was already loving it. The way he uses words to describe his siblings and childhood are beautiful. Fast forward to chapter 26. I had no idea he went through all that!! I was bawling the whole chapter. This is the first book I’ve ever cried over. After I finished, I had to process what I had just read. Overall wonderful book. 11/10. Beautiful. Magnificent. Definitely recommend to any Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton fan.
  • One of my fave books

    This is a really good book. Tom is witty, honest, and charming. I love that this memoir gives us a little behind the scenes of the making of Harry Potter. He also talks about navigating life as a child star while trying to live life as a normal guy and the highs and lows in his life. 10/10, an entertaining must-read.
  • one of the best books of the 21st century

    By kiana flory
    Not only can he act, but he has a way with words. This book changed my perspective on many things in Hollywood and in life. I cannot recommend a book more that will teach the importance of checking in with yourself. You aways find your way back home, and he did. So good!
  • Sweet and real

    By Ana M-V S
    Loved Toms positive and real take on life! Refreshing and powerful!
  • Review from a Gryffindork :)

    By pgreviesa
    I am a huge HP fan. I love all things HP related and when I saw Tom had written this I pre purchased it and I am so glad I did. I do wish I would have purchased the audio version instead. I didn’t realize it until later he was the narrator. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I loved Emma Watson’s foreword to him. What a sweet friendship they have. I was glued to the stories involving the actors and his experience, influence, relationship with each of them, especially the ones involving Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid). Those are so special to read especially after his recent passing. I cried and laughed several times. It reminded me a bit of when I watched the HP reunion special on HBO. The ending is a bit of a downer. I had no idea he went through so much but I am glad he is doing so well now. I enjoy seeing his social media posts and I love that he still promotes HP “stuff”. I wish him all the best. If you read these reviews Tom- Thank you! I really really enjoyed it. I didn’t want it to end. Keep on keeping the HP spirit alive for all us HP nerds. I wish you all the best. XOXO to Willow. With love- a Gryffindork :).