Shattered Dreams - Jen Talty

Shattered Dreams

By Jen Talty

  • Release Date: 2022-12-06
  • Genre: Romance


Love in the Adirondacks—where hearts come together like the moon and the stars shining bright in the sky, showing the boats the way home at night.

Her world as she knew stopped. And then he walked in. 

Tiki Johnson had a perfect life. A wonderful career and a loving boyfriend. Or so she thought. In an instant, everything changed. Her boyfriend left her for another woman—her boss—who decided her services were no longer needed. Feeling as though she needs a break from life, she takes the family boat to the narrows for a camping trip. Alone. All she wants is a little time and space to re-group and plan her next steps. She never expected to meet a sexy stranger who offers her a distraction from her problems.

Lake Grant has been going to Lake George for years. He loves to camp and fish and spend time forgetting whom his mother is while pretending he doesn’t come from New York royalty. When he first meets Tiki, he’s totally amused by her inability to camp, but even more, so that she has no idea who he is. It’s a novelty he’s not used to. And frankly, he doesn’t trust. However, the longer he spends time with Tiki, the more his heart begs him to do the one thing he swore to his mother he’d never do.

Fall in love.

Cover by Charity Hendry Designs